Gamestop's Balloons Don't Fly In San Francisco

GameStop's Homefront promotion for the Game Developers Conference involved releasing hundreds of red balloons in the downtown of one of the most environmentally conscious cities in America. Many floated into its neighbouring bay. Bad idea? Yeah, you could say that.

The Los Angeles Times gleefully surveyed the Twitter reaction to the release of the balloons - non-biodegradable, of course.

@gamestop just released a couple hundred balloons in downtown SF, presumably a promotion for their new game "Fish Choker"

wrote Emily Heller.

Really looking forward to watching @GameStop respond to the @-reply anger about their balloon campaign. #schadenfreude

said Reed Kavner.

GameStop's Twitter feed, as of 6pm, was silent on the issue.

Gamestop releases balloons in San Francisco that go over like a lead zeppelin [Los Angeles Times, thanks Edward. Image via L.A. Times]


    You wouldn't take a load of trash and dump it in the middle of a city park as a promotional event - balloons might fly away, but eventually come down, and turn into litter when they do.


    Gameinformer beat you guys to the punch?

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