Homefront Multiplayer Destroys A Perfectly Good White Castle

I don't care which players are playing which side in this new trailer for THQ's Homefront; when a White Castle goes up in flames, everybody loses.

We don't have White Castle here in Georgia, so I'm forced to pretend to care about video game events held in states that do house the fine establishments in order to get my fix. We have Krystal down here, often described as the Southern equivalent to White Castle. That is a lie. Whoever says that is probably going to hell.

As is anyone that tries to blow up a White Castle on my watch when the game hits PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on March 15.


    Looks good, even though the HUD looks and even the multiplayer plays like a COD game.
    Just hope it can be at the very lease a liiiiittle different and interesting.

    Can't wait!

    at 28 seconds it looks like the gun is too small for the player

    give it a month, and the pc gamers will feel the same dissapointment with the lack of bug fixes patches, just like frontlines.

    I am hopeing and willing I am wrong. Frontlines was the next battlefield, but patching a game is so important.

    Or even better still, there a no framerate lag and annoying bugs to begin with!

    Looks like every other boring fps game, same shit [email protected]#* different name.

    Bring the King (BF3)

      You said "Looks like every other boring fps game, same shit [email protected]#* different name."

      You then slipped with "Bring the King (BF3)".

      You realize to others BF3 **IS** the "every other boring fps game, same shit [email protected]#* different name"?

    While i loved Desert Combat mod for 1942. The 2 games Kaos have released after it just don't seem to have the right magic. What happened to all the good Map designs for Desert Combat? ... Waiting for BF3 as well.. and playing Crysis2 in the meantime to get back up to speed.

    Overall very keen to see just how well this is executed and more interested in the single player than anything else. Certainly not an immediate purchase but so far a 'maybe' somewhere down the track. Either that or I wait for a mate to buy it and borrow it from him..

    For multiplayer I'll stick with my tried and tested Battlefield thanks.

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