Homefront: The Revolution Is Coming May 20

Video: Homefront: The Revolution is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 20. Here's a new trailer showing more of Philadelphia in 2029, occupied by Korean forces.


    Hmm, I will remain cautious, as the original game let me down a bit.

      Yeah it's strange, I know how bad the original Homefront game was, and the concept is beyond ridiculous. But I still love the original game, and this looks even better. I just hope they don't dumb down the charm, cause the amazingly Murican ending was probably the greatest thing I've seen in a first person shooter.

        just swap out North Korea with China and its more believable

          Yeah I guess it's more believable, but it's still not believable at all haha. But that's the point, it's so unbelievable, the ending to the original is so over the top and ridiculous, and that's what's great.

    I'm the anthropomorphic representation of the revolution? nice, go me!

    I remeber when IGN was trying to flog this game off at a previous event and even the reporters were struggling to make it sound good.. and if IGN can't sell a game it must be pretty horible.

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