The New Homefront's Frame Rate Looks Really Dodgy

The fact that Homefront: The Revolution is coming out at all is impressive, given its turbulent history of development. But if this latest video is anything to go off, the game's got problems.

Eurogamer has posted footage of the first hour of the Homefront sequel from a preview build. According to them, the footage was captured using a Intel i7 (they didn't specify what model) and a GTX 960.

The footage was recorded onto a separate Mac using an external Elgato capture device. They're not bad devices; I'm actually in the process of reviewing Elgato's latest capture card, but you'll be able to read all about that next week.

I mention the capture card because the frame rate in this new footage looks really dodgy. Capturing footage on a second machine also offsets the workload from the PC playing the game.

Even then, the action looks chunky even from the outset. And this is on a PC that's higher than the recommended specifications too.

You have to assume that Dambuster Studios will have optimised the game a little more by release — which is 9 days away for Australians, and about a week in North America.

It doesn't even look like the game can maintain a stable 30fps. I don't know about you, but I'm worried.


    Damn.... I want this to be good

      The multiplayer closed beta was disappointing... Couldn't even find many matches, but the ones I did play felt really formulaic and uninspired. Single player might well be different of course.

        I'm hoping it is, because I did enjoy the original's multiplayer and single player

          I liked the last half of th first game, once all the "USA USA USA "stuff died down a little. It would have been better if it took more risks.......made you choose between fighting the enemy and protecting your people and stuff.

            And thats where I am hoping this new one can kind of do better, also open world compared to a linear story seems to make sense.

            The guerilla angle is interesting and sure it may play like Far Cry but that's cool :)

    For a game that's not even very pretty, that frame rate is impressively bad. It's a shame, because the basic guerrilla warfare concept actually sounds really cool.

    Did you do any checks to see if it’s actually just the video, Alex?

    Did Eurogamer mention the bad framerate? You didn’t post the link to their article.

    You might be right, but it's a bit f*cking rough if you’re spreading sh*t about a game based on an external video from a preview build that you watched but didn’t play.

      Eurogamer mentioned the framerate issue in the original article (which is mentioned in this article), and the author of the video has confirmed that the captured footage from a separate machine is representative of his experience playing the game.

      You'd know this if you had spent the time looking it up, instead of trying to lay the boot in.

      Did you do any checks to see if it's mentioned in the video, foggy?

      Did Eurogamer mention the bad framerate? You didn’t make it to 31:25.

      You might be right, but it's a bit f*cking rough if you’re spreading sh*t about a journalist based on an introductory paragraph from an article that you read but didn’t research.

        to be fair its a hard video to watch through!!!
        I only heard him mention it at the end

      Here you go;

    That initial FMV sequence is just as bad as the game play so maybe it's in the capture/encode?

    Was going to say this is a patchable issue, then I saw that Deep Silver is the publisher. Still, stranger things have happened.

    I don't know why anyone has their hopes up after Homefront 1.

      Agreed, the first one sucked so I expected this to suck just as much.

    I wonder if they will fix the story a bit in this one? I mean we all know that North Korea alone is still living in the 60s-70s when it comes to military tech and advantage!

    I just saw some gameplay from yesterday (the 10th) & I'm sure the guy used a PC but the game looked a lot better on that video than this one. Frame rate wasn't perfect but still a lot better

    You have to assume that Dambuster Studios will have optimised the game a little more by release

    Unfortunately, this is an assumption that makes an ass out of you and me, more and more often.

    How many games have we seen come out only to be massively patched a few days later?

    I'm interested in this game, but not for a day one purchase. Want to wait and see the reviews first, now.

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