LunchTimeWaster: Swivel The Sky

Sky Island has a twist. Literally. Starting the game, you're led to believe it's a charming, scrolling 2D platformer with nothing more to give than any other platformer ever made. But then it turns the entire game world on it's head. Again - literally.

Because technically, Sky Island is a 3D 2D platformer. By using the mouse players can swivel the world, ala Paper Mario, unveiling new platforming paths, and new areas of the game you never even knew existed.

It's incredible, if a little confusing, but it's a game mechanic that had steam coming out of our ears when we first uncovered it. At times it's a bit confusing, and you may have to resort to trial and error to work things out, but we loved this concept. It's difficult to describe, but amazing in practice - you truly have to play Sky Island to believe it.

Sky Island [Armor Games]


    A curious game, but I'm surprised there aren't many people to do as well as I did. Third place for today, 14th for all time.

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