Nintendo's First American 3DS Commercial...Kinda Works!

For a Nintendo gaming machine, the 3DS is a tough sell! Mostly because it's almost impossible to convey the 3D effects on a TV set or computer monitor.

So it's with a very mild round of applause that we greet this, the official American launch commercial for Nintendo's latest handheld. While it's far from stellar, it's also far superior to tragic clips we've seen in regions like Japan and Europe.

It shows the 3D, it has Street Fighter, and forsakes lifeless models for an excitable guy with a beard. Well played, everyone involved!


    Been ads here for at least a couple of weeks, although they were also advertising the opportunities for people to play before launch.

    I saw an advert over here (Aust) that I found kind of neat.

    The one where they turn it on and make exclamations about the 3D effect. It's not so much about advertising the 3DS as creating interest in it.

    The US ad is way better than these cryptic Australian ads - with the killer denounment - come see it at Westfield, last time I went to see Video Game at a Westfield it was that horrible VR thing back in the 90's where you put this heavy TV screen over your head and pretended to shoot a pterydactyl on a checkerboard.

    Just seen our ad here in the UK.

    Guy walks up to a 3DS. Turns it on. Says "no way".

    That's it. No game footage.

    I guess, as Iain Graham says, it creates interest in the brand but still...

    I still haven't seen any screenshots outside the internet (none on dummy boxes for games - they've just got the front inserts in) and apparently GAME is charging £7 for people to try it.

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