Nyko Doubles The Battery Life Of The 3DS

Disappointed with the 3-8 hour battery life of the Nintendo 3DS? Accessory manufacturer Nyko will be ready at launch with the Power Pak+, an add-on device that promises to double the interval between 3DS battery chargings.

What you're seeing here is actually two products Nyko has lined up to support 3DS gamers when the system hits North America on March 27. The first is the Power Pak+, a high capacity battery that hooks onto the back of the 3DS, adding extra power at the cost of added bulk. They say the device, which retails at $US19.99, will double the battery life of the 3DS, effectively transforming three to eight hours into up to 16 hours. Seems like a fair exchange to me, especially seeing as the Power Pak+ features debossed finger rests for greater comfort.

Then there's the Charge Base. Arriving a week after launch and packed along with one of the Power Pak+ units, the charge base will allow players to drop their 3DS unit inside for a little juicing up while not in play. Considering the base and Power Pak+ combo is only $US29.99, it might be worth waiting a week to get both.

I'm generally never far from a wall socket when playing my DSi, so I don't see myself needing one of these, but for gaming on the go they might be an essential addition to your 3DS arsenal.


    I not usually one for third party accessories, but this looks good.

    Any word of an Australian release (or at least an equivalent)?

    It looks really, REALLY bulky. I'm in two worlds about this. On the one hand, I would really like the extra battery life, but on the other hand, adding this huge bulky thing to my 'portable' gaming system kind of kills it's portability. It's the same reason I play 90% of my DSiXL games at home.

      I'm pretty sure the thing on the top is the battery expansion pack, which doesn't look too bulky to me.

    Nyko is a great 3rd party accessory company - The best wiimote charger I ever got was from them. I'll snap this up in a flash!

    Ah, I understand the image now. At first it looked like the top part was a lid that closed down on the base, kinda like it was some super chunky shell for the 3DS. Kind of wondering how the battery attaches to the base of the 3DS though. Either way, might have to look into getting one of these.

    I wonder if the charge base for this also charges the 3DS's internal battery.

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