The 3DS' Circle Pad Pro Gets A Very Attractive Makeover

Nintendo's official 3DS Circle Pad Pro extension is, well, it's not very pretty. It's also getting hard to find. Thank the maker for Nyko, then, who have not only produced the world's first third-party alternative, but have come up with something that looks much nicer than Nintendo's offering.

For $US30, the Nyko Power Grip Pro is not only a more attractive alternative, but a more practical one as well, doubling (well, tripling) as a protector and a battery extender as well. For the extra $US10 (Nintendo's pad is $US20), that seems totally worth it.

It'll hopefully start shipping in October.

Power Grip Pro [Nyko, via Tiny Cartridge]


    JUST after I buy the Circle Pad Pro in anticipation for Kingdom Hearts 3D.

    Yeah, big slap in the face on that one.

      I know exactly how you feel. I got mine in the mail earlier today...

    Would be interesting to see how it feels and as the abxy buttons look quite hard to reach. Also if it includes the extra LR buttons the pro has.

      Hmmm I guess if you're using the extra joystick then you technically should not require to use the ABXY buttons, as you'd probably be using the LR buttons primarily. Otherwise you'd just take off the add-on.

    Oh man, one look at this thing and I was thinking "I wonder if it doubles as a battery pack too" and then I get inside and APPARENTLY IT DOES?

    Must get some hands-on time with this, I need to know whether it's less uncomfortable than the official CPPro or not.

    Awesome idea
    Looks a little boxy though... I'd wanna try before buy

    I held off on getting the battery pak accessory for good reason then? Sweet :)

    It's practically the same as the Circle Pad Pro at the bottom, and it's quite comfortable actually reaching for the abxy buttons. Now if the bottom had similar gripping features, and it's relatively lightweight, this is way better than the official CPP. ME WANTS!

    Looks fantastic. I'm trading in my 3DS for a 3DS XL, hope they make an XL version.

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