Of Course Mario Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS

While Nintendo's beloved plumber might not make it to the 3DS launch party he will be making it to the handheld, with a new game developed by the team behind Super Mario Galaxy debuting later this year at E3 2011.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata teased the next Super Mario title today at the Nintendo 2011 GDC keynote, revealing nothing more than the development team and the logo seen above. A close inspection of the logo reveals an odd tail, much like the one sported by Raccoon Suit Mario. Or it might be a tongue, but I don't really want to think about that.

We'll find out more about the new Super Mario title during E3 2011 in June. Until then, speculate away!


    Hopefully the Tanooki suit is making a comeback in a new game and it's not just a remake of SMB3.

    I want a brand new game, not another remake of Super Mario 64. :P

    But, if they remade SMB2 or 3, that would be fine. ^_^

    Does the tail on the end of the letter O hint that the Tanooki suit from Super Mario 3 is making a return? Hope so!

    I unfortunately thought it was a tongue on my first look, but more realistically its the tail. Phew...

      It could easily be the tounge of a Boo

      but yes i'd prefer the Tanooki suit.

      made by the SMG guys this should be awesome and inventive

    if it's developed by the mario galaxy team then you know it's going to look and play like sex. can't wait.

    Yeah, I saw the tail and immediately thought Mario Bros 3. Would think it's more likely the Racoon suit than the Tanooki suit since the Tanooki suit was cool but pretty useless.

    as long as it's a sidescrolling super mario brothers, it's an insta-buy.

      Personally I think it's time for a new, fully 3D Mario game on a handheld. Super Mario 64 DS was awkward due to the DS lacking the analog stick it worked so well with on the Nintendo 64. This isn't really a problem for the 3DS!

      I think the fact that it's being developed by the team behind Galaxy that there's a fair chance it'll be fully 3D (as in the world, not as in the screen) with some side scrolling elements as experienced at some points in Galaxy. This makes me seem a million years behind everyone else but I only just bought Galaxy (1) and am about halfway through it, loving it!

      I think I got my wish! The screens that have been revealed show a 3D world and I'm super excited!

    Are you sure it's not water?
    Nintendo are trying to be creative with their games lately, Water is a very easy way to look creative. So they could be making some sort of mario with a water clean look to it.

      SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE .......3DS!! wafawefgaw,...

    The Tanooki suit was and still is the best mario powerup, in 2D, at least. Here's hoping for it's resurrection.

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