Overheat This Xbox And It WILL Catch Fire

When working with wood for this particular piece, artist Ben Winfield decided against making something clichéd, like a breadboard or a chair. Instead, he made a replica Xbox console.

Before you ask, nope, it doesn't work. Come on, you can't make consoles out of wood! It does look great though, and when it comes to posting pictures of things on the internet, looking great is what counts.

Shame the controller is an S-Pad and not a Duke, but I guess he was running out of wood

Winfield is a talented guy, as you can see at his personal blog. To see more pics of his Xbox, you can scroll through the gallery above.

[Ben Winfield, via Geek-Art]


    An OG Xbox made from solid wood? Meh.

    I bet its still lighter than the actual working Xbox tho. That was a gaming-console-and-free-weights-set-in-one.

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