Pokémon Black And White Has A Presidential Theme Song

If you were in attendance at this weekend's launch fiesta for Nintendo DS game Pokémon Black and White, you might have seen musical sensations The Presidents of the United States of America belting out their newest jam "Can't Stop (Catchin' 'Em All)." If you weren't fortunate enough to bask in that pop pap, please stop kicking yourself—we have the song.

And we have the performance! If the above video of PUSA music set to Pokémon artwork just isn't quite doing it for you, live video of the event exists. Pikachu was there, getting the hell down to a rattling off of the latest pocket monsters set to music.

See Pokémon's most dedicated fans getting more of what they love in this live video, courtesy of Nintendo of America.


    I could have seen them for free once...didn't.

    Everyone seems to love this song... I really don't. :P I think I preferred the Pokerap-style of just saying the names, rather than a two word description for everything.

      Bah, no way, Weird Al's Polkamon was the best :P

      It's better than the crappy 2nd and 3rd gen pokeraps.

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