Presidents Of The United States Of America Book Sweet Pokémon Launch Gig

Forget Red Rock or Caesar's Palace. The only true indicator that you've made it as a band is when Nintendo asks you to play the launch of its new Pokémon game in New York. Welcome to the big time, Presidents!

The alternative rock band The Presidents of the United States of America once prophesized(on the same album containing their smash hits "Peaches" and "Kitty", no less) that they were not going to make it. They prove themselves wrong tomorrow during the launch festivities for Pokémon Black and White in New York's famed Rockefeller Center.

Not only are the PotUSA playing the gig, they're going to be playing their new Pokémon-themed song "Can't Stop Catchin' 'Em All", sure to become an instant classic.

Along with the Presidents, Nintendo will have people in uncomfortable costumes, limited-edition t-shirts, and more wildly-cheering children than your brain can actually process. Whole sections of the crowd will fade in and out of existence as you wander through it.

Your best bet? Avoid Rockefeller Center between 3pm and 6pm tomorrow, Saturday, March 5, unless you know the words to "Jennifer's Jacket" by heart, in which case you're already there in spirit.


    I dig the song.
    But why doesn't Nintendo have this event in Seattle, were Nintendo of America is, and the Presidents hometown? :/

    Wow, I thought these guys were dead!

    Lovin' the song jokes on event description. Let's hope this gets Presidents to play more gigs (not Pokemon). They have made some nice records after the S/T album (the one with Lump and Peaches), and hopefully this is getting wider audience to those releases too.

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