And These Are America's 3DS EShop Launch Applications (Pokémon!)

You know which games and programs Japan will be getting next week when its 3DS eShop launches. Now see which ones America gets. Know there will be Pokémon.

Alongside the internet browser and the eShop itself, a 3D version of Excitebike will be available for free for anyone installing the updates by July 7.

More importantly for Pokémon fans, there'll be an application called Pokédex 3D, which is pretty much what it sounds like: a database of around 150 Pokémon from the latest Pokémon Black & White, showing their stats alongside rotatable 3D representations of the characters.

In terms of the 3DS Virtual Console, Nintendo stopped short of naming specific launch titles, but did say that upcoming content would include games like Super Mario Land, Alleyway and Radar Mission.

These features will be added as part of a system update due in the US on the evening of June 6.


    Super Mario Land still ranks as one of my favourite games ever. Very tempted to get a 3DS if it means I get to play it again.

    Just hope the AUS store doesn't get screwed like with the Wii...

      +1 I'm really hoping for mario

      Nintendo Aus put up a press release saying we'll be getting the same things the UK are getting so that means Super Mario World.

    Will the update come around the same time for us?

      Its a worldwide launch, we get it at the same time.

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