Real Racing 2 HD Turns iPad 2 Into Console (And Steering Wheel)

If the iPad does indeed "kill" the home video game console, as some doomsayers have warned, then this video of Firemint's Real Racing 2 HD running on iPad 2 may be admissible as evidence in the murder case against Apple.

This is Real Racing 2 HD running in 1080p on an HDTV, a "first for iOS" according to the game's maker. Due in the iPad game's next update, Firemint is promising "silky smooth 30 frames per second" and "real time telemetry on your iPad 2," all of which you can see running in the preview video above.

Visually and technically, that's an impressive feat. Not just in terms of making Apple's tablet feel like a viable gaming platform cum controller, but also in making the argument that, hey, I should really get one of them newfangled iPads.


    If only it was wireless. I can see the inflexibility of a HDMI cable getting in the way here.

    Despite this, if I do pick up an iPad (VERY tempted, just trying to justify the cost), I will have to invest in a very long cable, because if more devs utilise this feature, it could lead to some really good game ideas.

    I normally hate on Apple, but this is the first thing I've seen that impresses me. But only slightly.

    No one disses gaming on iOS because of any apparent deficiency in graphics. It's the lack of a precise physical input for the games that is the problem. I've already used a tilting controller in Mario Kart Wii and it fucking sucks. These sort of things also need auto-accelerate and break which just ruins any sense of precision or control. Give me a small (but comfortable) controller that connects via bluetooth to the ipad/phone and then I might consider it.

      Kegs, the tilt control in the ipad works excellent, very precise...also I have strapped the ipad to a gaming steering wheel and that makes it even more stable. ie sitting in a Playseat setup with the ipad strapped on the wheel and the ipad connected to projector.

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