The Wii U Has Been Beaten To The Punch By An... iPad Game

One of the big draws of Nintendo's new Wii U console is the fact it can stream games to a controller and also use that controller as a secondary screen. While Wii U won't be out until 2012, though, this iPad game can do it a lot sooner.

Real Racing 2 HD, already one of the most attractive and full-featured games available for download on Apple's Store, gets a little more fancy in the near future when it adds the ability to play without wires on a TV using the iPad as a controller.

You'll need something that supports Apple's AirPlay feature, and will have to wait until iOS 5 is released, but once those two things are in the can you can use the iPad as both a controller and an augmented display.


    As soon as I win the lottery I will be able to afford it. Plus, where are the buttons? (Ironically, I am typing this from an itouch but that is neither here nor there).

    And just like all Apple products it'll look fancy, seem fancy but actually be worse than what the competition will offer.

    Meh, ill wait for the WiiU thank you:)

    Beaten to the punch? I don't think so... It's stated clearly "in the near future". :/

      I OS5 comes out in the Spring (US) so it will beat the wiiU to the punch by over a year, yes.

      Will it be as good - I seriously doubt it.

    An iPhone game called flinders ninjas already featured the ability to flick a ninja star from your phone onto a computer screen. Nintendo's demo with the ninja star looked almost exactly the same.

    I'm addicted to flinders ninjas. awesome game

      Flinders ninja is Ok.. 3MB in size. I usually play it at Flinder's street station and people look at me weird.

    Annnddd the ps3 had that feature ages ago?

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