The Wii U Has Been Beaten To The Punch By An… iPad Game

The Wii U Has Been Beaten To The Punch By An… iPad Game

One of the big draws of Nintendo’s new Wii U console is the fact it can stream games to a controller and also use that controller as a secondary screen. While Wii U won’t be out until 2012, though, this iPad game can do it a lot sooner.

Real Racing 2 HD, already one of the most attractive and full-featured games available for download on Apple’s Store, gets a little more fancy in the near future when it adds the ability to play without wires on a TV using the iPad as a controller.

You’ll need something that supports Apple’s AirPlay feature, and will have to wait until iOS 5 is released, but once those two things are in the can you can use the iPad as both a controller and an augmented display.


  • As soon as I win the lottery I will be able to afford it. Plus, where are the buttons? (Ironically, I am typing this from an itouch but that is neither here nor there).

  • And just like all Apple products it’ll look fancy, seem fancy but actually be worse than what the competition will offer.

    • I OS5 comes out in the Spring (US) so it will beat the wiiU to the punch by over a year, yes.

      Will it be as good – I seriously doubt it.

  • An iPhone game called flinders ninjas already featured the ability to flick a ninja star from your phone onto a computer screen. Nintendo’s demo with the ninja star looked almost exactly the same.

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