Tell Us Dammit

Dammit we want you to tell us stuff – can you remember the first video game you ever played? What was it - and what was it like?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

I have a rough idea - I'm pretty sure the first game I ever played was Horace Goes Skiing on the Spectrum 48k, a computer that wasn't released in Australia. I was obsessed with games from day one, and all of my primary school work jotter are filled with tales of what games I was playing, what I loved, what I hated.

What was your first game? And can you remember what it felt like to play games for the first time?


    The Asteroids type game on the Vectrex but I was probably too young to appreciate it at the time.

    The obsession truly started with the Double Dragon Arcade game.

    Probbably Comsmo's Cosmic Adventure.
    a 2d platformer featuring an alien with suction caps for hands. That's abbout all I can remember about it.


      nostalg'd hard at that, he was looking for his parents if memory serves

      wicked game

      kudos to you good sir, many many kudos

        That's right, he was looking for his parents.
        The memories, they come flooding back!

      Played that to DEATH.
      I loved pretty much every Apogee game I played.

    The first Legend of Zelda on the NES. I thought the name entry part was the entire game for about two weeks.

      I think I've heard you say this before. Still awesome.

      When I first played Ghosts and Goblins on the Commodore 64 I thought the entire game consisted of killing zombies in the beginning area, I didn't realise I could jump over the gravestone and there was an entire series of levels to explore!

    There were a bunch of educational games that I played as a child, but the only one I can remember the name of was James Pond...which really wasn't all that educational.

    Then there was also some weird sports game that involved hang gliding, Tetris and a few years after that Sonic the Hedgehog, Alex the Kidd, Columns and Mortal Kombat.

    Hmm. Difficult to say because I can't even remember the games I played last week, but it was probably one of the following five:

    Budokan: The Martial Spirit (DOS)
    Stunts (DOS)
    Boulderdash (C64)
    Super Cycle (C64)
    Ikari Warriors (C64)

    I can recall they were fun at the time, but nothing else really stands out (I was about... 4 y/o) - I'd go back and give 'em a whirl, but none have aged particularly well...

    First game I ever played was PacMan.. on this!

    It belonged to my uncle.. i spent soooo many hours playing that!

    I think it might have been Super Mario World on the SNES.

    Bruce lee on the atari 800lx, awesome game for its time...never finished it but it was the first game that really hooked me...that was almost 20 years ago!

    I'm pretty sure it was Space Invaders in a cocktail cabinet. I was 3-4 yrs old, it was in Alice Springs and I was hooked. The next 12 years my parents stopped all pocket money so I wouldn't waste it in an arcade. I had to resort to stealing soft-drink bottles from people's door steps to get the 20cent deposit.

    I remember it clear as day - Zelda II on NES

    It was either Donkey Kong or Q*Bert on the mighty Intellivision. Ahhh, that system rocked. Q*Bert was good but I didn't realise how bad the port of Donkey Kong was until I played the arcade original years later :P Still, very fond memories.

    Jazz Jackrabbit would have been among the first... and Sonic the Hedgehog on Nintendo 64.

      "Sonic the Hedgehog on Nintendo 64."

      Classroom battles have been started for less blasphemous comments than this. Prepare thyself for war!

        Easy tiger. Nintendo won, remember?

          And I'm still bitter about it!

      Did Elly just troll us?
      Oh please tell me that was a troll, or that Elly is a super nerd who haced a Nintendo to play Sega games at teh age of 6 or something.

        Uhh OK can someone tell me what console it would have been? I just remember playing it in the early '90s. Maybe Mega Drive.

          You're not really a gamer, are you? You're just a pretender. We're onto you! Haha! Your secret is out!

          Seriously though it would have been the Mega Drive. Nintendo and Sega were in competition then and there was no way a Sega game would be on a Nintendo platform. Even if it *was* the Nintendo 64 (which it wasn't), that wasn't released until the mid-90's at best (1997 in Australia).

            I don't think Elly has ever pretended to be a gamer. No secret there.

              All she tried to do was contribute to the article and they turned her away!


                IT MADE ME SAD!

                (alright back to twitter)

                  I feel mean now, and slightly disappointed.

                  I was really hoping it was a troll in the same spirit of that NCIS episode you guys posted on the other day.

                  By the way, Is it true Mike Fahey holds the top scores in nearly every MMO ever?

    I'm pretty sure the first videogame I played was Kirby's adventure on the NES over at a mate's place. I remember begging my parents for a NES and tada! they whipped out an old atari from the garage. I can't remember what version atari it was but it did have a ton of pre-installed games on the console.

    Donkey Kong Land on GameBoy. The multiple levels and playable characters made me think "Wow, games can do all this?!"

    Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive back when I was 3. Still got great memories of that game.

    First video game I ever played was Pitfall on the Atari 2600. One of my dads friends had the system sitting in his garage for years and let us have it.

    It was ok for what it was. The first system I really put a lot of playtime into was the SEGA master system.

    Barely remember but I'm pretty sure it was Alex Kidd in Miracle World, on Sega Master System.

    Would've been 2 or 3 years old. Older brothers would've borrowed the console from the toy library.

    Can't remember what I thought or felt at the time, but I know I've had one controller or another in hand ever since.

    Definitely something.

    I have no idea, I was playing games since I was small, and they were all master race games, so there was a large selection that's all blurry in my mind.

    Paganitzu, still remember my father showing it to me when I was a kid and me trying to figure out what you had to do. I remember I could never get past a moving rock style maze/puzzle which I often saw in games afterwards.

    Transylvania on the Apple IIe. Graphical / text adventure with verb/noun entry. I had saved my pocket money to buy it to use on the school library's computer during lunch breaks in year 6.

    Might not have been the first game I ever played. But it was certainly the first one I invested in.

    (If you don't count Game and Watch handhelds)

    Probably Donkey Kong Game & Watch. Then alot of Tiger LCD's. Then discovered Alex Kidd in Miracle World on the Master System, which really was the game that made me a gamer! After that game I HAD to have a Master System! Then discovered all the great MS games, with The Ninja being the first cartridge I ever bought. Also discovered the NES over friends houses, we used to swap entire consoles and games, something I would never even think of doing nowadays!

    Space Invaders on one of those old sit-down table type arcade cabinets. That would have been about 1979/80 when I was about 4 or 5 years old.

    An adventure game called 'Down the Mine' on the good old Amstrad. It had a game-breaking bug so you could never finish it, but I was hooked nevertheless.

    The original Crash Bandicoot on PS1 is the first game I've owned and played to completion. I think I might have played other games before that, but they were just at my friends/cousins houses. SO they don't count. Crash, however, does. I still have the disc :)

    Namco-Bandai's Galaga on a cocktail cabinet. Parentals learned quickly that a young me could be kept quietly entertained at the local for hours with a fistful of 20c pieces.

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