The US Navy Has The Coolest Flight Simulator In The World

This is the T-45C "visual simulator" at the Naval Air Station in Kingsville, Texas. It makes my 50" plasma look like a Game & Watch.

It's part of a US Navy pilot's earliest stages of training: this is a simulator not of something badass, but of the humble T-45 Goshawk, a small jet the US Navy has been using to train pilots since the 80s, and which is an updated version of an aircraft that's over thirty years old.

So students have to spend 96 hours in this, before they can fly a tiny little trainer, before then moving onto the good stuff.

The simulator provides an enormous 180-degree view with a rounded display, so there's no "fish eye" effect from flat screens at the edges of your vision.

Please, US Navy, can we have a go? Please?

[Flickr, via Gizmodo]


    I went on a tour of the Williamtown RAAF base a while ago and got to play in a simulator just like this one. Soooo damn detailed, and we could even do loops!

      RAAF Williamtown is awesome. Spent some time doing the WTSS system there, they can hook up the firearms simulation to the flight simulator, so those doing firearms can simulate calling in air support.

    Imagine if this was in 3D!

    Would love to see these curved screens available to the public. Would much rather one of these than 3 monitors side by side.!341413/alienware-curved-monitor-looks-like-its-from-another-planet

        Thanks for the link, I was waiting for the price at the end of the article I was reading. 6500$.

        Yeah I'll pass for now lol.

    awesome! @VGP - I was wondering about the same thing - espeically a 3d tv screen without the 3d glasses!

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