Microsoft Flight Simulator is Coming to Xbox Series X/S

Microsoft Flight Simulator is Coming to Xbox Series X/S

The Game Awards are in full swing with news popping left, right and centre. Right in the mix is Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox Series X and S in 2021.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is gliding over to Xbox

Microsoft Flight Simulator was arguably one of the most unexpectedly best games of 2020.

In the past it has always been a popular game with sim fans of the aeronautic persuasion.

But in the time of COVID-19 it hit the mainstream thanks to its remarkably chill gameplay and the fact that no one could really fly anywhere at the time.

It also captured the hearts of Australians when the Melbourne Monolith (not to be confused with all the other monoliths popping up right now) was discovered, becoming one of the most beloved bugs in the game.


Now Xbox fans will also be able to take the skies. Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming in 2021. We don’t have an exact date yet, but we do know that it will be sometime during Australian winter.

You can watch the Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X/S announcement trailer below. It depicts various gorgeous aircrafts taking the the skies as Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World coos over the footage. It’s beautiful and I was happy to spot a few shots of Australia.

And if you’re looking for a review of the game by an actual pilot, we can do that for you.

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