Anti-Madden Feelin’ Kept Alive With All-Pro Football 2K8’s Editor

Anti-Madden Feelin’ Kept Alive With All-Pro Football 2K8’s Editor

A newly released roster editor for All-Pro Football 2K8 refreshes that pro football alternative for the NFL 2K5 diehards and conscientious objectors to the NFL’s seven-year exclusive licence of exclusively licensing only the Madden franchise.

Released today, the editor is by Operation Sports’ FlyingFinn, who also built a roster editor for the venerated 2K5. This application, however, only works with the Xbox 360 version of APF2K8. But it allows for the wholesale rewriting and re-speccing of player traits such as their ratings, abilities, physical appearances and the like.

What does this mean for casual fans? Unfortunately, as APF2K8 featured 24 teams only, and there are 32 in the NFL, this isn’t some kind of total-conversion mod porting the NFL into this team. The game’s notorious lack of a multi-season franchise mode also clamps down on that aspect. But it’s reasonable to think that, with the app, 2K football enthusiasts will be developing and sharing files based on current teams.

The download and a full set of features and instructions is at the link below.

FlyingFinn Releases All-Pro 2K8 Editor [Operation Sports]

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