Anyone Heading To The World Cyber Games This Weekend?

Anyone Heading To The World Cyber Games This Weekend?

Anyone Heading To The World Cyber Games This Weekend?The first round of the World Cyber Games Australian Championship is in my home town of Parramatta, so I’ll definitely be heading over there to check out the competition – are any of you folks going?

Kicking off at 4.30pm at Parramatta Riversidethis Saturday, the event promises to be a humdinger. I’ve been asked by the organisers to pass on the message that Competition registration will take place at the event on site from 4:30pm. Apparenlty online and on site registration for WCG will be available for round two in Brisbane and beyond.

Basically, if you want to compete the best way to do so is register on the day.

Are any of you guys competing, or just coming to check it out?


      • My name has always been Andrei. But it was constantly mispronounced when I started pre-school (even by teachers) Mainly because when people think of the name, they think of the French spelling “André” whereas my name has the Russian spelling “Andrei”. People have been calling me Andrew for as long as i can remember so the name stuck. But i prefer to be called Andrei whenever i’m at work or uni.

  • Your hometown of Paramatta…


    So the Scottish accent is a fake?
    I knew it was too easy to understand.

  • I’d love to go and compete playing FIFA 11 but it’s so broken and frustrating to play. I’ve gone back to the World Cup game which is much better.


    Might be doing something with the A-N guys in the city that day, but I dunno how late that’ll be going. Might pop around if we’re done by the afternoon.

  • I’ll be there. I went 2 years ago to the one on George Street in Sydney (below the cinemas / Timezone) and had a blast on Rock Band and COD4. I scored a t-shirt from a gorgeous spokesmodel… what a day.

  • Now that my soccer game has been cancelled due to the rain I may come down to check it out. If I’m feeling adventurous I may even think about competing in Starcraft II, but I have a feeling I’ll get pwned pretty hardcore.

  • Welp. Bit too far west for me to travel considering I’d likely be hammered at every game I pick up.

  • I kinda wanted to compete in StarCraft 2. But I have tests next week. And surprise work today, so I didn’t even go. ^^

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