World Cyber Games Australian Championship Kicks Off This Saturday

This Saturday, April 30, the World Cyber Games Australian leg kicks off in Parramatta. It's the first of a handful of events being held Australia-wide to find the best gamers to represent Australia in the finals held Seoul later this year. The best part? Entry is free.

Competitors will be playing a number of different titles including Tekken 6, Fifa 11, StarCraft II, WarCraft III and Counter Strike 1.6. There will also be pods available for players to turn up and play (non-competitively on the day.

Organisers tls are hoping that a large turnout may help Australia in its attempt to bring the final to our shores next year.

“We are incredibly excited to work with tls as an official WCG partner this year as they are industry leaders in the Australian gaming and events space," said Brad Lee, CEO of World Cyber Games Inc. "tls have shown their capability last year through the Samsung Mobile Challenge, which was an incredibly successful event and are ready to organise the WCG program with their great expertise and vast resources. We see Australia as a strong emerging market with rigid consuming power in the global gaming community and we needed to set partnership with a company who could really deliver. We are truly glad we have found this in tls”

The first round takes place at 4.30 this Saturday, April 30, at Parramatta Riverside. Entry is free and competitors can register on site.


    I don't believe this. Why is it on the same day at the Sydney Gamers League??


    Wow, that is literally 10 minutes from my house. Might make an appearance...

      Dammit. It's a whole 20 minutes from mine. *jealous*
      Wait, is that 10 minutes walking or driving? Or catching that free city loop bus shuttle thing.

    Are you serious? I was just at Sydney 2 weeks ago for the Final Fantasy Concert and we lived in Parramatta for the weekend...

    Any ideas if there is anything happening in Perth?

      WCG Australia is going to be in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Grand final in the Gold Coast.
      Sorry, no Perth.

    plz give me the full address where WCG will take place, not just Paramatta Riverside.

    Do winners have free plane tickets to Seoul and back??

      It will be held at Riverside Theatres
      Corner Church and Market St, Parramatta.

      Details and map here:


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