Australian Politicians Are Playing A Video Game To Prepare For 'Cyber Crime'

Prepare for a garguantuan onslaught of the word 'cyber'.

Cyber crime. Cyber games. Cyber security.

Cyber. Cyber. Cyber.

If you want to sound like an old person pretending to understand technology, Cyber is the word you want to repeat over and over again.

Tomorrow members of the Australian government are going to play a "cyber security game" to help prepare them for "the online challenges of the future".

“Australia is losing up to $17 billion off our bottom line each year through malicious cyber activity,” said Project co-ordinator Michelle Price.

“It largely goes off-shore after being stolen by cyber criminals."

Cyber. Cyber. Cyber.

It's called the '360° Cyber Game' and it's being hosted by the Australian National University (ANU) National Security College in partnership with RAND Corporation.

“The game will take account of the relationship between policy, operations, regulation and the unexpected,” said Professor Medcalf, Head of the National Security College. “We are very excited by the influential mix of participants taking part and eager to see the lessons that will emerge.”

Dan Tehan, the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Cyber Security, and Shadow Assistant Minister for Cyber Security Gai Brodtmann will take part in two scenarios based on what could happen in the dystopian cyber-punk future of 2022.

I'm slagging this off, but I'm actually extremely curious. I wonder what this game looks like? Will it be functional? How will it all work? I really want to play it.

Why can't I also be prepared for the potential pitfalls of cyber crime in the year 2022.

Government officials and a host of 'cyber' experts will play through the game tomorrow. I expect the word cyber will be used a lot.


    Well obviously playing a game will help to prepare for CyberCrime. Everyone knows that hacking is all about holding down the square button... sheesh. Practice makes perfect.

    disclaimer: I don't have watch underscore dogs 2 so I'm not sure if hacking has gotten more difficult over the years.

    It sounds like what the military will do with war games. Simulations for training and to identify weaknesses.

    Are they looking for cyberjustice? :P

    "Malcolm was surprised when the IT services division of PM&C was forced to remove his network access due to inappropriate internet usage."

    Cyber as a word is goofy for us in the ever advancing tech sphere, but it's being used in the accepted terminology in a legal and political space.

    What other words could we use? e-crime? e-safety? that's just as cringe worthy. Let's not even discuss iCrime.

    Virtual Crime? is that crime that's facilitated by the internet or is it an imaginary crime?

    Any other suggestions for replacing Cyber in the legal space?

      With the interconnectiveness of the world and the proliferation of utilising computers/networking/mobile to do...well...everything these days, may I suggest some terminology?


      To be honest, why do we need to legally classify it differently? Do we literally have legal classifications for white collar crime vs. holding up a bank, aside from the actual act of defining how you stole the money?

      (Edit for clarity)

      Last edited 07/12/16 2:32 pm

        I'm not after a legal definition, as in a completely set in stone word used in all legal documents, I'm after a designation that lets people easily identify the sphere in which the crime takes place.

        Most definitely there are different distinctions between crime, there's Homicide, Traffic, Corporate etc, all of which require a different approach to community education, policing and investigation.

        Last edited 07/12/16 2:39 pm

          I suppose I'm looking at the future, where even with traffic most crimes would have a "cyber" element due to driverless cars (of course my foresight on exactly what technology we will use in the future is 100% correct /s) and therefore the word Cyber (and the like) will be superfluous but you raise very salient points regarding the preventative and investigative approaches to the differing styles of crime. Didn't think of those.

          Thanks for giving me a bit to think about!

          [Edit: words because I'm hayfevered and therefore stupid right now]

          Last edited 07/12/16 2:52 pm

            I think Digital is about the only word that comes close, but still isn't 100% the same.

    What do you mean prepare, it's been all over the net and news for months.

    There are always cyber security courses as paid stories on this site and the rest.
    Meanwhile Malcolm and his muppets have been fear mongering on the subject since well before the census

    the dystopian cyber-punk future of 2022.

    Going by Australia's technological advancement rate, it'll look like the dystopian cyber-punk future of 1997.

    In before 'We gotta talk to Steve Jobs about stopping these cyber crimes' coming from Malcolm Turnbull.

    If Rand corporation are involved it will be good - assuming Rand is anything like it was 20 years ago. You can go down a real google rabbit hole looking up some of their projects and concepts.

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