Black Ops New Map Pack Revealed

Black Ops New Map Pack Revealed

New details regarding the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack have been revealed, via GAME Australia’s website. It’s difficult to garner too much info, but the pack in question is called ‘Escalation’ and looks to feature a new Zombies map, in addition to the new multiplayer arenas.

Once again, it’s tough to gather any real concrete info from this reveal, but a map… in a zoo? That’s bound to be… interesting. From the wording it also looks as though each map has been designed around specific objective based game types.

The date on the advertisement is May 3, but we’re unsure whether that’s just the date the expansion will go on sale at retail, or whether that’s the date it’ll go onsale digitally as well.

More news as we get it.


  • Well if you ever saw the video(s) where in the community section, when choosing maps it had mp_hotal, mp_convoy and some others.

    This cna be legit but I won’t believe anything until I see 3arc say it.

  • Looks like I’ll be “jumping out” of Activision’s ship before it sinks… Their treatment of any other potential customer that doesn’t include “Xbox” is rather shocking.

    • Why is there always one sap who writes this same comment every time there is a console short-term exclusive.

      Suck it up princess. It’s got nothing to do with Activision “liking” xbox customer more.

      Microsoft most likely paid to have it hit their console first.

      • I was under the impression that Microsoft indeed paid a truckload of money to Activision.
        I don’t have a problem with time-limited exclusives, but I am frustrated with the comparatively lower amount of post-launch support for the PC and PS3.

        • Ive heard MS paid US$6Million to have MW2 map packs on 30 day exclusive. Can anyone confirm/deny? One can only imagine that sweetener would NOT have shrunk for Black Ops.

          Im happy for XBL players to once again, pay to be beta testers and help iron out wrinkles before anyone else gets a look-in.

    • Dude, we Xbox users PAY A MONTHLY FEE so we can have these type of advantages. Microsoft uses OUR MONEY to make deals with Activision like this.

  • I’m done with CoD. Did not buy the 1st Map pack and I will not buy this one. All I wanted is decent support and TDM maps.

  • Wow, look at all the Activision HATE bursting from the Kotaku forum today! I will happily buy this, the last map pack was worth it for Ascension alone (the BEST Zombie map they’ve ever done IMHO!) not to mention 4 additional maps which were pretty damn good!

    Then again, I do own an Xbox so I might not be so positive if I was a PS3 owner 🙂

  • I wonder how much they’ll price it, 2000 MS points perhaps, cheeky fucking arseholes. I didn’t buy the first one, seeing as they’ll bring out an entire new game soon enough.

  • Geesh, another attempt to heart start the franchise by raiding the pockets of gamers…What a joke. So not worth it. I’m selling all of my copies of COD once Brink comes out.

  • I may have been interested in getting some of the DLC, but seeing as how the game was so poorly coded for the PC, with some maps running like crap (Q9550, 4GB of RAM and a 5870), then I cannot justify getting more of the same. Hurry up and fix the damn problem, TREYARC! Modern Warfare 2 ran as smooth as silk…there should be no excuses.

  • A new zombies map is excellent news… That we have to keep buying the whole lot of MP maps at the same time is boring and I agree with everyone’s cynicism here.

    But cod zombies is one of the best things to happen in gaming for years! Treyarch had me at Nacht.

  • I can easily guess the price will be roughly between 1500 and 2000 Microsoft points.

    I’m also selling my Black Ops copy on Thursday, so I really don’t give a damn.

  • Yay, another chance to give Activision money for more maps exactly the same as the others. I stopped buying CoD when Activision started making it appeal to the casual audience

  • Zombies alone is worth it, but it’s even better when you take turns at sharinng with a couple of your mates 😛

    I wonder if the map “zoo” will feature a bomb/capture point in a tiger enclosure…..and the tigers cant die 😮

  • I’m probably done with CoD map packs. Didn’t buy the overpriced ones for MW2, but I did buy the first one for Black Ops. I wasn’t impressed with what I got for my money. Don’t see me buying anymore DLC for the CoD series. Activision has lost my attention.

  • Honestly, I cannot get a game of zombies if I try these days, just nobody seems to be about.

    IMO the Black Ops online presence died down fairly quickly compared to previous titles.

    • zombies sucks. it is way to easy. i could get to round 75 at least with my friends every time. i used to love zombies but it got boring and way to easy.

  • I still can’t get download the 1st map pack. Not available in my region message.
    Probably due to the fact my xbox live was originally purchased in Canada, xbox was bought in Australia and game purchased from play-asia in Hong Kong. Why they would restrict that I have no idea.

  • i like cod! i like looking for new info on cod! thats how i ended up here! now how come haters of cod end up here? spouting negative comments, am not a fan of battlefield and i dont waste my time by going looking for info about it and diss’n it,not interested one bit!! they must have too much spare time on their hands or just plain sad!

  • the only reason that not as many people play black ops compared to the other CoD? makers. when Modern warfare 1 came out, EVERYONE and their grandmother was playing it like a drug addict. then treyarch came in with their take on the game and was played less then MW, same deal now, MW2 still has a larger playerbase then BO. because people cant get their mind together to drop the whole act on which is better and just play the game. in all honesty, imo, there is no reason for the hate on CoD, Activision, Treyarch, Or IW for that matter, its all how one person sees the game and company themselves however people dont like change. and thats what treyarch brings. which is one of the many reasons people dont like the CoD made by treyarch. because they have to make a huge change in their play strategy.

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