Conduit 2’s Timing Is Downright Depressing

Conduit 2’s Timing Is Downright Depressing

Amidst the swell of hype over Nintendo’s next console and the release of Valve’s latest masterpiece, Sega and High Voltage Software release Conduit 2 for the Wii.

Have you ever gone to the video store or browsed through Netflix titles and discovered a movie with a name that’s similar to an existing big-name blockbuster but is obviously a direct-to-DVD clone? The Transmorphers series, for instance, obviously created to capitalise on the inexplicable success of the Michael Bay Transformers movies.

Conduit 2 is its own game, a fast-action science fiction first-person shooter for the Wii. It looks pretty exciting. We even called it a hell of a game at some point. It says so right in the launch trailer.

Unfortunately, were I an uninformed consumer browsing video game store shelves, Conduit 2 would look an awful lot like Portal 2’s Transmorphers. It’s not, of course, but I could see someone being confused.

I’m planning on giving it a go, and not just because I feel bad that it’s been completely overshadowed by the next Wii and the return of GLaDOS. Just mostly.

Conduit 2 is now available wherever Conduit 2 is sold.


  • and this bad timing is despite already seeing two months in extra delays so as not to double up with Goldeneye and then pulling it for some extra multiplayer polish!

    I have the Destroyer armour collector’s figurine sitting on my desk now as I play through the campaign and try to unlock new toys for multiplayer. So far it seems to be a bit of a two steps forwards, one step back evolution of the original… but those are some mighty steps forwards when it comes to things like the new weapon balancing and abilities coupled with the splitscreen multiplayer options!

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