Conduit 2’s Timing Is Downright Depressing

Amidst the swell of hype over Nintendo’s next console and the release of Valve’s latest masterpiece, Sega and High Voltage Software release Conduit 2 for the Wii.

Have you ever gone to the video store or browsed through Netflix titles and discovered a movie with a name that’s similar to an existing big-name blockbuster but is obviously a direct-to-DVD clone? The Transmorphers series, for instance, obviously created to capitalise on the inexplicable success of the Michael Bay Transformers movies.

Conduit 2 is its own game, a fast-action science fiction first-person shooter for the Wii. It looks pretty exciting. We even called it a hell of a game at some point. It says so right in the launch trailer.

Unfortunately, were I an uninformed consumer browsing video game store shelves, Conduit 2 would look an awful lot like Portal 2’s Transmorphers. It’s not, of course, but I could see someone being confused.

I’m planning on giving it a go, and not just because I feel bad that it’s been completely overshadowed by the next Wii and the return of GLaDOS. Just mostly.

Conduit 2 is now available wherever Conduit 2 is sold.

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