Final Fantasy VI To Be Released On PSN?

Final Fantasy VI is a video game hipster's dream. It's the Final Fantasy Westerners played before it became cool. It's since since seen re-releases on the Game Boy Advance and the Virtual Console, but now the PlayStation version is being brought to the PSN. The game was never brought to PAL regions, so this may be a decent chance to play catch up.

The news comes from Siliconera, who spotted this tweet from Shinji Hashimoto.

It's a Japanese PSN release for now, but we have little doubt that it'll be brought to other regions sooner rather than later.

Final Fantasy VI Finds New Friends As A PlayStation Network Release [Siliconera]


    Actually, FFVI was in fact released in the PAL regions. The PS1 version came out in I think 2001 or 2002 with the FFX demo, while I was in high school. I remember buying it at this short-lived video game shop in Parra next to Collector's Edge, it was only $25.

    Hard to believe it's been more or less a decade since, I feel old :(

    Final Fantasy V was released on the PSN last week but NOT in Australia or NZ. No idea why but I'd say the same might be true for VI.

    Also, My PAL copy of Final Fantasy VI would beg to differ on it's non-release in PAL territories.

    "a video game hipster's dream" hahahahahah classic.

    The playstation version did get released in PAL regions though? I've got it

    You say that the game was never brought to PAL region but I own it on my PS1 and I'm in a PAL region...

    "The game was never brought to PAL regions, so this may be a decent chance to play catch up."

    Actually, it was released on PSOne here around the time of FFX.
    This version suffered from some slooow menu screens though.

    Also, it was released on GBA here too; and Virtual Console for Wii for that matter.

    Dunno what Mark means by there not being a PAL release; Not sure about the SNES "part 3" release, but it certainly came out for PSOne in PAL territories.

      I totally forgot it came out on the PS1. Honest mistake. I just remember having a SNES as a younger and being devastated when it didn't get a PAL release in the UK [sob]

    I've been playing this on and off for months on my phone using the SuperGNES SNES emulator, but I've been finding it hard to get into it playing in short little sessions like that.

    If this comes to the Australian PS store and is REASONABLY PRICED (bearing in mind that the game is nearly 20 years old now and even the PSOne version, which is what they'd be throwing onto the PS3, is well over a decade old) then I'd be pretty tempted to buy this one and play it on PS3 instead of persevering with the phone version.

    I actually have the PS version sitting on my table right now. Friend randomly gave it to me one day cuz I was a huge fan of it. I wouldn't mind grabbing a copy for my PSP. I'd also love a copy of FFV but for some reason that hasn't appeared in the Aussie PSN store yet.

      I can't find anything about why we didn't get it here. Can't get any reply on the Playstation Blog because Ross leaves at around 5am our time and doesn't answer questions th efollowing day.

        I didn't think the game had been released anywhere but the Japanese PSN thus far? I know a European release was confirmed but with no date attached to it.

          It came out last week.

          PSOne Classics

          * Final Fantasy V (£7.99/€9.99) Rating: PEGI 12

          Availability: Not available in Australia and New Zealand

    "It’s since since seen re-releases on the Game Boy Advance and the Virtual Console"
    Woohoo, double sinces FTW! :D

    Actually, this game was bought to PAL regions on the playstation, just not the snes.

    They have remade almost every other pre-PS1 Final Fantasy, but this one, the best of them. What the heck is wrong with them? No, I don't want another port, thank you very much, can I have a remake on the line of FF3?

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