Get 50% Off Final Fantasy Games On The PlayStation Network

If I had a time machine, the second thing I would do would be go back to last century and tell 12-year-old Jason that in 2013 I will own an ultra-powerful portable gaming device that can play just about any Final Fantasy game.

I would tell him that it includes a bunch of fighting games with weird names and a total remake of Final Fantasy Tactics with Shakespeare language.

So 12-year-old Jason might flip out if he heard that, starting today, to celebrate Final Fantasy's 25th anniversary (which was technically last December, but whatevs), Square Enix is running a sale on a whole bunch of Final Fantasy games, all 50 per cent off for the next two weeks.

Here's the full list, courtesy the PlayStation blog:




FINAL FANTASY Tactics: War of Lions (PSP)

Final Fantasy (PSOne Classics)

Final Fantasy II (PSOne Classics)

FINAL FANTASY IV: Complete Collection (PSP)

Final Fantasy V (PSOne Classics)

Final Fantasy VI (PSOne Classics)

Final Fantasy VII (PSOne Classics)

Final Fantasy VIII (PSOne Classics)

Final Fantasy IX (PSOne Classics)

Sure, I already bought most of these games when they first came out, but for $US5 each, I am totally re-buying FFVIII and FFIX to play on my Vita. Don't judge.

[PlayStation Blog]


    buying FFIX for sure with this deal!! XD when is FFX coming out on PSN for sale?!

    US store only if it wasn't obvious. We (PAL) had our sale a couple of weeks ago. This sale is great for series newcommers, can't go wrong with 7-9!

    EDIT: our sale started on the 23rd and ends TODAY

    That says it will end one week from the 23rd but going to the actual store says it ends on the 6th :/ (see link below)

    Last edited 06/02/13 10:36 am

      It was? Sigh. Dammit...

      Edit: wooo yay!

      Last edited 06/02/13 10:52 am

        We got it on the 23rd but it actually ends TODAY. Better get in quick!!/en-au/games/final-fantasy-ix/cid=EP0082-NPEF00071_00-GFINALFANT000001

        I thought it ended already but this article is referring to the sale starting for the US. Remember you can buy stuff from the website :D

    and yet Tactics War of the Lions is almost $20 for ipad...

      It was on sale for like $5 when it came out I think, though... I bought it, but honestly, it's unplayable to me. The interface is very much designed for use with a D-pad and it's really, really cumbersome with a touchscreen. I found it so hard to use I'm rebuying it for Vita :|

    Come on Kotaku, have the decency to mention that this is on the US Playstation store (AU use the EU one, if you hadn't noticed).

    I'm sure a few readers here have US accounts, but the vast majority wouldn't.

    Maaan. I just want to have Tactics on a PS3, Dont have and i Device, or a PSP... How hard is it to make that sony/square.. come on!

    hrm...i might grab VIII again. My (official) PC copy is a bit....unstable.

    Needs more FFX in that sale though.

    Wish that I knew about this when it began.
    Am happy that I managed to grab FFVIII and FFIX.
    Never played 9 before and 8 is one of my all time favs (much better than 7, to be a troll).

    Bought FFVIII and FFIX when the sale first started, been great to actually beat them for once seeing as I first played them when i was younger and had far less patience for the random battles...which considering the leveling system in FF8 is probably the reason I managed to blunder my way to the beginning of disc 4

    This sale highlights the one weaknees with the otherwise awesome Playstation Store: there are 12 items on sale, but you can only put 10 in your cart at a time! What a pain! Wish they'd just done a "super bundle" or something.

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