UPDATE: GAME Is Now Selling Portal 2

Thunderbirds are go! GAME Australia is advertising that the street date for Portal 2 has been broken. They are selling the game now in stores. Hurry up before they change their minds!

UPDATE: We've also gotten word that EB are also selling the game. The floodgates have opened.

Thanks to Christopher for the heads up.


    dosnt matter because its nobout tided to steam and thus you wont beable to play until steam unlocks it.

      The console versions wouldn't be dependent on Steam. 360 doesn't have any Steam integration at all, and while the PS3's Steam features might not be active yet the game itself should still be playable at least offline.

      Yes, but that's going to happen in a few hours. Should be unlocked some time this afternoon, around 4pm at the moment but might get earlier. It makes sense for GAME to break street in this case because the digital release will be out today no matter what the outcome of the [email protected] meta-game is.

      Why would a disc version that can be played offline be tied to Steam?

        Well it appears that valve have allowed the game to be unlock on steam now which is a first. Even though you could get a disc version, if it uses steam for its DRM and steamworks, then the game would not unlock and be unable to be played until the game was released on steam. and to the other, sorry i forgot that the game was also out on consoles as i care only for the pc side of things.

          Ah righto, yeah I was referring to the console version :)

    GAME isn't very good at keeping secrets

    JB Hifi will be selling it as soon as they receive their deliver today, according to someone at the MacArthur Central store in Brisbane.

    Whoever has it on shelf in an hour when I take my lunch break will be getting my money.

    I'd say this is a bit of a shame because I planned on replaying Portal before sinking my teeth into Portal 2 but less waiting is better than more waiting, so I don't care!

      Trjn! Let me know which store you end up getting it from and how many copies they have so I can decide if I have an errand to run in the city this afternoon.

        Well, I just called Big W in MacArthur Central and they don't even know if they're getting any copies of Portal 2 in. Dick Smith on Queen St also doesn't have it or seem to know much about it.

        JB looks like the likely candidate so far, it's just a matter of when the delivery shows up.

          Hmmm interesting. It is now my allocated lunch break but I'm too scared to call the funky-hipsters at JB. How'd you go?

            Confirmed that there are copies at JB Hifi at Macgregor, Mount Omaney, Carindale, Maroochydoore and Toowoomba. All other JB stores have been instructed to sell the game as soon as stock arrives.

            MacArthur Central (next to Post Office Square) is expecting delivery around 2-3pm and they will text me when it comes in. Other CBD stores should receive their copies about the same time.

            No luck at Big W and EB's Queen's Plaza store isn't answering the phone.

              Now that's info! Thanks heaps.

              I'll sit patiently until 2:30 then harass the eff out of them again.

      I played through the original again on the weekend, I forgot just how short a game it was. If you can hold off playing P2 for 2-3 hours, that's as long as it takes to blow through the entire single player P1 campaign. Still a great game.

      Just got a call from JB, it finally arrived and they've put a copy aside for me.

      Anyone trying to purchase from a JB in the Brisbane CBD will probably be able to pick up a copy now.

    How does this help anyone? PC copies are on steam, which hasnt been activated yet.

    xbox users maybe?

    Boom! Are we expecting competitive prices too? Anyone know who's got the PS3 version the cheapest?

      Probably ozgameshop.com for about 62 bucks.

        Yeah, checked 'em this morning and that price is brilliant. Waiting doesn't bother me as I've got other stuff to play.

        Question is though, Steam codes aren't region locked are they?

        Yeah but that sort of negates an early release when it takes 2 weeks to get to you.

          You can get it cheap or you can get it now. Never both.

            You can have both if you don't live in Australia.


          Pre-order in advance, when they get there stock it is shipped. Usually takes up to 10 days max.

          Buy from EB Games and take back within 7 Days. Wait maybe a day or two to play again.

          Gotta play the game.

            Will the Steam activation work with a returned game, though, or is it a one-use code? I assume it's a one-use code, and I've heard that EB won't take the 7 day return on games that use that kind of code. I haven't actually tried returning one myself, though, so I could be wrong about that.

              EB doesn't accept steam games (PC) for return

              You CAN trade the PS3 version back (I think). But it's only the new copies of the PS3 version that come with the one-time use PC/Mac unlock code.
              (And you have to link your PSN and Steam accounts before you can use said code.)

          You see, I'm in no hurry to pick it up, so I don't mind waiting the week it takes to post. But if there's a competitive, local price which I'm happy to pay the premium for, I'll put my money down there. Easy as that.

          $79 from JB is very tempting, but I was just testing the waters :)

      JB have it for $79 if you preorder. So you might want to run in there and preorder before they get it out on the shelves :P

    JB have the standard edition for $79, my local EB has just told me they're holding the last PS3 copy for me. Price match, you jerks! $108 at EB :|

    Don't believe it... the cake is a lie.

    P.S The one time the great Mark Serrels quotes me and I get my name spelt wrong.

    Just got a text message from EB Games at Toowong, Brisbane who are now selling it. And I don't have money to finish my pre-order till tomorrow. Oh the humanity!

    JB are now asvertising it as released:


      Make sure to call whichever store you plan on going to, as they're still waiting for deliveries in the Brisbane CBD stores.

        Yeah, seems to be the same around Adelaide too.

        GAME refused to price match them, and EB only had the cube edition in stock :(

          I just checked JB and EB in Rundle Mall in Adelaide and neither one of them had it yet :(

          Guess I'll wait until tomorrow. Oh well. I'm going to see Bob Dylan and B.B. King tonight, so probably wouldn't have played it before tomorrow night anyway :)

          Just got an SMS from JB in Rundle Mall - it's available now. Might drop in there after work if they're still open.

    Excellent news!
    But I gotta say it's a bit of a slap in the face to those who bought the Potato Sack and diligently played the games for hours on end in the hope of having an early release..

    I saw EB games PC preorder was $90ish.

    My two pack worked out to be about $40 each, why anybody would by the PC version from anywhere except steam beats me.

    At this rate if the countdown is anything to go by it will be unlocked in time for me to play when I get home from work tonight so I am happy!

    Hopefully we can trust GlaDOS this once and the game will be released in 4 hours instead of the 12 hours on the steam store page. I may die before 12 hours. The anticipation is killing me!

    Adelaide St JB in Brisbane is still without le copies.

    90 bucks for PC games in Australia, what a joke

    I'll gladly take the 40 dollar steam price thank you very much.

    JB are selling it in Sydney Galleries Victoria. Opened the box just as I got there :)


    JB are selling it for $89 in Sydney Galleries Victoria. Opened the box just as I got there :)


      Really? I got it from there for $79.

    On my way to pick up my preorder now... won't get to play the game til tonight tho...

      On the note of game prices, last time I checked, the AUD was worth 1.05 USD, yet US gamers pay $60 for a console game while we pay $90-110... that's literally 50%, going on 100% price increase... how long will it take for the market to notice the exchange rate isn't what it was ten years ago?

        Worth reading this piece on the cost of Australian games.


    Well I can confirm that EB, JB Hi Fi and GAME are NOT selling it in Wollongong Crown Central mall....dicks..

    Just checked both JB's that sell games in Perth CBD. Neither have it on the shelves, looks like ENEX may have it out soon (they were clearing space).

      I'm going to ring the JB stores at Carousel/Cannington in about an hour. Will post results here.

        I appreciate you ringing perth stores, havent got access to a phone at the moment but cannot wait to get myself a copy.

    I hope ganme do this to Duke Nukem Forever... Im probably gonna get flamed for this but i dont care for Portal 2, i might pick it up later when its a bit cheaper.

    I sent the girlfriend for me. I'm going to need to be super nice but it's worth it.

    Game comes out in a few hours... UNless u want the console version i see no need to buy Portal from a shop...

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