Garbage Truck Simulator Pitched As Most Depressing PC Sim Ever

You may have seen games from European PC game publisher Excalibur Publishing before, responsible for mundane transportation sims like German Truck Simulator, Forklift Truck Simulator and Bus Simulator 2. But Excalibur may have outdone itself this time with the arrival of Garbage Truck Simulator, its latest release.

Garbage Truck Simulator puts you in control of "a small business collecting the rubbish of a large European tow", that lets you "Dive into the cab of your truck and become the driver and take your colleague quickly but safely to the collection area, of course pay attention to the road traffic regulations!" That's a genuine exclamation point.

But it's the press release that makes the experience sound so soul-crushing.

"Drive the ultra-realistic garbage truck from task to task as you strive to generate an income," reads the press release. "Domestic and industrial waste, building rubble and even dangerous chemical disposal are all in a day's work!" So draining...

Here's the press release in full, should you have an itch that can only be scratched with strict, budget priced labour sims.

Garbage Truck Simulator Excalibur Publishing cleans up with the release of Garbage Truck Simulator for PC CD-ROM

Garbage Truck Simulator invites you to start your own refuse business and keep the streets clean in a living, breathing, virtual city, created in stunning 3D! Take control of your own truck and head off across the city to fulfil your collection obligations. Drive the ultra-realistic garbage truck from task to task as you strive to generate an income. Drive carefully and keep the lid on your speed as police traps prove an expensive drain on your financial resources! Even though you are in the junk business take care not to trash your truck, as thanks to a comprehensive damage modelling system every dent and breakdown will require repair.

Manage your collection crew and operate the intricately animated mechanisms for emptying and compressing your load into the back of the truck. Domestic and industrial waste, building rubble and even dangerous chemical disposal are all in a day's work! Grow your business from the income for each load and become the trash tycoon for your city!

Invest your cash wisely and upgrade your truck from a choice of five models or tie up a deal to carry advertising on your vehicle, the choices are yours. Only the smartest operator will keep your garbage business out of the can as you live your dustbin destiny!

Garbage Truck Simulator will be on the streets on the 20th May 2011 for £24.99. More information can be found at

Any Excalibur Publishing simulator fans out there in Kotaku land?


    lol "dustbin destiny" indeed. They should label this "suicide-ware".

    I will be playing this game all year thankyouforyourtime.

    No. No there is not.

    Did they actually make this game for a joke? I don't see how ANYONE would want to play this game longer than 5 minutes, let alone pay 25 Euros for what is arguably - wait no, indisputably one of the most mundane games ever!

    What amazes me most is they charge £24.99 for it. Do people actually spend that kind of money for this type of experience? Gotta love gaming to escape reality Eugh.

    Seriously isn't it a little late for april fools??????

    Personally I find simulations interesting. Not much different from your average RTS, really. Allthough as game it'd be boring, but as an experience it would be unique. More simulations should exist in our society since the government expects people to do these jobs in real life. So what I'm saying is, "someones got to do it" (not me), and simulations are a great first step, especially kids figuring out what they want to be when they grow up. Anyone for simulated strawberry picking...

    from the makers ofm Sim Sandwich (simpsons)

    This will be the Loading-Reay-Runs new 'Desert Bus'.....

    Expansion packs include:
    Vatican City - A Saintly Cleanup
    Dubai - No Oil
    Manhatten - The Wrath of Bloomberg

    my son lves to see the garbage ppl come now he can play this to save his time its entertains his little brain

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