Truck Yeah, Let's See All The Vehicles Of Farming Simulator 2013

You city slicker video gamers think farming simulation video games is nothing but updating the roster with the latest GMO corn from Monsanto and slapping the Indiana State Fair champion cow on the cover. Well, there's a lot more to it than that. Equipment changes every year, the same as in any sports league. And the big equipment in farming can be seen in that video above.

Son, there is a Lamborghini in this game. That's right, the Italian maker of luxury automobiles began life as a manufacturer of tractors, and you may drive the latest model in Farming Simulator 2013, along with this fleet of vehicles that John Mellencamp's friend can't wait to auction off with the land.

Earlier today we were tipped to a rumour that Farming Simulator 2013 had an underground racing mode, which a spokesman for the game quickly denied. However, he noted that Farming Simulator 2013 "does allow modding so all hope is not lost."


    Oh man, I am so pumped for this! There is... I... what, what?

    Looks the goods, it's a pity that these games don't wander too far from driving tractors, huge potential for some sneaky education from a game like this.


    Hmm, a harvester vs zombies mod could generate some interest, I'm sure.

      Evil Aliens did it first! All to the song 'Oive got a comboin harvestorrrrrr!' (bad scottish accent)

      The first thing I thought when I saw the youtube thumbnail was: "that looks like DayZ"... =)

    Hey, at least it kicks Farmville's stupid bastard ass.

    I'll just leave this here...


      Haha, excellent.

    Looks intense!

    Farming Simulator 2011 was the biggest shock i have ever had in gaming... I actually enjoyed it!

    Best game since Dues Ex.. ect, ect.....

    not for everyone, but defiantly worth a look if you want something different.

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