God Of War 4 Coming Next Year?

Sony's God Of War series may be set for a fourth home console title, with a source telling PSM3 that God Of War IV will be out in September 2012. Try not to act too surprised.


    By the end of God of War 3 I was feeling kind of over it, so I hope a 4th game brings something new to the series.

    This is probably good news, but I havent played the previous three, and although I want to, I just cannot see myself ever catching up and seeing what the hype is all about.

    Hmmm... I love all 3 God of War games (haven't played the PSP ones but I hear they're good too), but story-wise I don't really see where they can go after 3. Unless they go back into prequel territory or something.

    I was really hoping we'd get to see something completely new from Santa Monica... I'm worried this may be 1 GOW game too many and becomes an exercise in milking a successful franchise.

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