Here's Why Brink Is Just A Little Bit Different

Brink is an interesting video game - it takes a fresh approach to the online shooter - but in a market flooded with similar games, it's tough to explain precisely how and why it's worth checking out. That's why we're glad Bethesda has seen fit to release this tutorial vid, to save us explaining!

To be perfectly honest, we always saw potential in Brink, but tended to overlook the game for the precise same reasons - tough to explain, just another shooter, etc - but it's a game that is, at the very least, attempting something fresh. And that has to be commended.


    Brink lost me when the price got bumped up to $90 USD on Steam. Not going to buy it at all now.

      90 bucks says you take that back when you read some reviews.

        I was going to buy it back when it was $50, I wish I'd pre-ordered it as well... I'm not paying an extra $40 just because I'm an aussie and our dollar is better than theres (Yes, I know that's not the full story, but the fact the dollar is so high is the real kick in the teeth with pricing issues).

        I'm either going to have someone in the US gift it to me, or I'm not going to buy it until it comes down in price during a sale.

          Why don't you just buy it from the US site instead of complaining about it?

        ozgameshop(dot)com has it listed for $36. Site is legit, I've ordered from them quite a few times.

          I know of ozgameshop, didn't realise Brink was soo cheap on there. This is the problem with publishers and Steam, we know you charge $90 for Brink on Steam, but we'll just buy it elsewhere, and since Brink uses Steamworks, we have to activate it ON STEAM! *golf clap*

      Made me glad I pre-ordered it very early when it was way cheaper.

    Looks like an improved/tweaked version of Quake Wars: Enemy Territory TBH.

    I'm with Cerzel though - $90 on Steam was just rude.

    I just pre-ordered.

    On the fence - I laughed when pre-orders came out last year for a game with no release date now I'm kicking myself I didn't get it then (it's now double the cost).

    A little concerned about the recent trend of steam games to reach the prices that one would pay for a boxed game. I still bought shift 2 despite the high price, and now brink. If this keeps up it is going against the philosophy of steam.

    At that point, I may voice my angry gamer opinion by not buying products as opposed to writing a cranky post about it on Kotaku.

    Looks sweet. Too bad nobody will be playing online anymore once the price becomes affordable.

    $90 WAY 2 MUCH!! ESPECIALLY OFF STEAM. the idea of steam is to cut distribution costs and allow easier and cheaper access not away for them to pocket the difference.
    also why does it cost games in australia purchased via steam more then if i use steam and purchase them by having my connection go through the US? ITS DIGITAL!!!!!

    When will they learn.
    had previously been looking forward to this but thats just a rip.

    *side note: purchased shogun 2 from jb for $59 after a bit of talking why would i pay $89 for it off steam when all i get from it is less cash in my pocket and less bandwidth while it dls

    The Beta lost me, the game just seemed boring and there wasn't a hook for me to keep coming back.

    I pre-ordered last year for $49

    i canceled it last week after seeing these gameplay videos.

    I know a stinker when i see one.. and I can taste the stink on this title.

      What about it are you not liking?
      From what I can see its shaping up to be a well balanced, team/class based shooter.

      Just wondering what in particular is jumping out so negatively at you.

      oggob, same to you, from the beta what about it seemed so dull?

    Hasn't grabbed me.

    What's the point of a medic if you have rebounding health bars?

    I pre ordered around christmas because I had a spare 50$ lying around and the game looked interesting. Now I'm glad I did, this game looks awesome!

    Pre-ordered from Steam.. waiting expectantly to play this one!

    Hey guys wanna know something absolutely ridiculous?

    The Steam version costs MORE than the physical version from EB Games Australia.

    I'm not even kidding.

    ^ Steam version, $89.99

    ^ Eb Games Australian Physical copy, $88.00

    I can't believe this.

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