Is This PS3 Exclusive Trolling The Xbox 360?


    I find this amusing and clever if it is indeed meant to be a reference to the 360's RRoD.

    So, will there be PC jokes about DRM and Dedicated Servers as well? Or just the usual subpar graphics?


    I think they should throw in a reference about how in both the console and handheld industries they're dead last.

    As the not so proud owner of 3 x YLOD PS3s, I smell a touch of hypocrisy...

      As the owner of a first gen PS3 in the desert, I smell a touch of "user neglect".

      as a owner of 2 ps3's original 40gb and slim 320gb and an xbox original i've had no issues with ylod but the xbox has rrod once... If you get a ylod on 3 ps3s you must be a careless bastard

      I hear you there - and worse, my 360, which is actually older, is still going fine.
      And mine are both very well looked after (PS3 completely free of dust when dismantled to repair it and keep where it would get maximum airflow and away from other heat sources).

      As the owner of a 40gb PS3 model, I also smell a jealous fanboy.

      As the owner of a 40gb PS3 whose BR drive died (and a friend with the same issue), I hear you.

      My 2006 xbox RROD'd in 2009. Life = 3 years
      My 2008 PS3's BR died + bricked by a firmware update shortly after in 2009. Life = 1 year...

      Or they could pick one day each year and just not have the game load on that day.

      As the owner of a 1982 purchased ColecoVision that still works I chuckle like a drunk eunuch at your modern devices and their inbuilt failure.

      Now to finish Turbo, after twenty years I must be close to the finish line by now.

      (Disclaimer, I chucked out my ColecoVision sometime in the early 90's along with all my games but it still worked fine after a decade, silly me)

      As the owner of the trademarked phrase, "as the owner", you are all in deep doo-doo. EXPECT JUSTICE!

    The original Infamous was being played on my old fat ps3 when it suffered the yellow light of death! Ironic? Lol

    Soooo boring. Why feed the trolls Sucker Punch? Why?

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