Street Fighter X Tekken Comes To The PlayStation Vita With An Infamous Addition

It's Namco vs Capcom vs Sony when Street Fighter X Tekken hits the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, as Infamous' Cole MacGrath joins the roster of the amalgamated fighting game.

It doesn't have to make sense. Let's just call the lightning-powered hero Blanka's long-lost brother and be done with it. The brand-exclusive fighter will appear on both the console and portable versions of Street Fighter X Tekken, making the tough moral choice to kick the arse of anyone who opposes him.

Perhaps this means there'll be exclusive Xbox 360 characters as well? Might I suggest Coltrane from Gears of War?


    That's the best selection of a fighter I've seen in AGES. Perfect selection!

      If he's in it, i want alex mercer in it!! He would fkn rock in a fighter!!!

        Heh, Alex would've been perfect for Mortal Kombat ;)

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