See Mecha Pac-Man And Fat Mega Man Beat Ass In Street Fighter X Tekken

We've known for a while that Kuro and Toro, the Sony cat mascots, would find their way into Street Fighter X Tekken. Also, Cole McGrath from inFamous. The inclusion of classic (i.e. shitty) box art Mega Man and Pac-Man also weren't much of a mystery, but their appearance is confirmed in this video, along with the full terms of their inclusion in the Capcom/Namco fighting team-up.

All these characters will naturally be exclusive fighters for the game's PS3 and PS Vita versions. Pac-Man, as you can see, sits atop some kind of mecha-suit, and Mega Man, well, lets just say he looks well past his fighting prime in 1987. At least the costume still fits.

Street Fighter X Tekken arrives March 6 in North America, March 8 in Japan and March 9 in Europe.

[h/t Tommie S]


    wtf happened to Mega Man....too much KFC??

      I would also like to know the answer to this! Oh the shame...

        that was Megaman 1.0.

        Capcom's original design

          Nope. That was only the box art design for the US release of the first game. A design infamous for its legendary badness.

    Pacman is piloting a Mokujin, if you actually knew a thing or two about Tekken

      Which apparently he doesn't. :P

      Also, I love the mega-man chosen. I reckon he's amazing!

    all of a sudden a whole lot less interested in this game... Capcom vs bandai...

      because they have one character from each side that isn't a street fighter or tekken character? technically it hasn't really been fully "street fighter" characters, as Poison, hugo and Rolento were orignally Final Fight characters, and hugo only appeared in SF3...

      get the 360 version if you are so appaled with the additions...

        I'm not the only person who'd prefer Capcom vs Namco Bandai. I find most Street Fighter characters to be uninteresting, and honestly, Phoenix Wright, Wesker and Arthur got far more plays from me that C Viper, Haggar and Ryu in UMvC3.

        And then, y'know, there's what Grandmaster B-Funk said. :P

    Posted from YouTube: This is horrible. Why... why WOULD you do this? What could you possibly hope to gain by further alienating your paying customers? (It's 'further', because you are represented by the ESA, who wanted to attack our freedom of speech. Think on that.)

      Calm down, this is hardly as bad as SOPA. In fact, it's good.

    What a sad excuse.. Adding two unrelated characters just to get people to buy this shit..

    Typical Crapcom..

      People were disappointed that MM and PM weren't in the game after the first trailer sort of teased that they would be. So I hardly think they're unrelated.

    Looks good to me but I don't want to be burned with an Ultimate version a few months later.

    I actually want to buy this now.

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