"Nintendo Shock" Shocks Japan

"Nintendo Shock" Shocks Japan

“Lehman Shock” is how Japan described the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. “Shock” (ショック) is en vogue in Japan, and a quick way to describe the impact of something often unexpected, like the “Fukushima Shock”, for instance.

But “Nintendo Shock”? The Japanese press is using it to describe Nintendo’s current situation: falling Wii sales and underwhelming 3DS numbers. Profits are down the second year in a row—66 percent in 2011. Nintendo no longer prints money.

“It’s a wake up call that things need to change,” a Tokyo-based analyst tells Kotaku. The concern is less about the next console, but rather, what the heck Nintendo is going to do with its current console for the next 12 months plus.


  • Win back the hardcore market?

    You mean from the SNES days? Good luck Nintendo, I am sure you will do well winning back all of the fanboys you screwed with your last three consoles.

    • They should just scrap the Wii entirely, take a step back and make the Gamecube 2 if they stand any sort of chance of winning back the hardcore market

  • Pssst….hey, Nintendo, how about some new franchises? Your games don’t all need Mario, Link, or Kirby in them in order to make money. Crack that whip and get Shigeru Miyamoto to think up something new, hmmm k?

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