Oh, So This Is Why That Dirt Game Costs $US300

Oh, So This Is Why That Dirt Game Costs $US300

Eyebrows were raised last night when a version of Dirt 3 was shown off costing $US300. Well, turns out there may be a justification for that. Provided you like remote control cars.

The R/C car shipping with this version of the game is not a cobbled-together piece of crap minted just for the game’s promotional circus. It’s an actual, professional R/C car, made by Traxxas, an actual, professional R/C car company for enthusiasts.

With a few modifications, the thing can do 80km/h. It’s also 4WD, waterproof, and on the street costs $550.

So the $US240 you’re paying for it in the Dirt 3 edition is a… bargain? Sort of? OK, not really, but if you haven’t owned an R/C car since you were a kid and feel like seeing how far they’ve come, then this may be your best shot at getting a good car on the “cheap”.


  • Traxxas? Professional?

    A “Powerful” 380 motor, it’s 1/16, it’s for kids if you think you can turn up to your local RC track and drop some hot times, think twice.

    And $550, somebody saw you coming.

    I could go into a long long list of what’s wrong and why, but it would probaly be boring. But in no way is that Professional.

    Pro RC touring use 540 motors and run 1/10.

    And I’m a noob to RC, but I’m getting better.

    • No, ah dknight, sorry to say, you may need to research before making comments, that car is a decent R/C car. Its competition worthy already. its not a pos like the black ops car. and your right you are a noob. There are PROFESSIONAL racing r/c at 1/16 scale. so keep your imature comments to yourself. AS A HOBBY RC ENTHUSIAST OF 15 YEARS. this is an excellent deal for $300. and i actually want that car, if i could get this DIRT 3 pack here in aus, i would.

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