Pirates Of The Caribbean's Charm Is Recharged In LEGO Form

The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was a refreshing sea breeze that's grown ranker with each subsequent sequel. In swoops TT Games with a blast for fresh ocean air in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean.

I've grown weary of Captain Jack Sparrow. I am tired of Johnny Depp acting like a fool. I am sick of people dressing up like him. I am completely done with guyliner.

But I could see myself playing LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean.

I still feel that familiar twinge in my gut when I see the LEGO representation of Sparrow popping into the screen, but it's not quite as powerful as it is when I see the real thing. Perhaps it's because the LEGO games overall have been getting progressively better over time. Maybe it's just because I know that he won't be talking.

Whatever the case, I think I could take this.


    You suck Mike

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