See The First Trailer And Screens For Spider-Man: Edge Of Time

See The First Trailer And Screens For Spider-Man: Edge Of Time

In order to help the Amazing Spider-Man save the future, Spider-Man 2099 has to save the past. That’s the kind of convoluted story you get when you start messing with temporal physics, but who cares when it looks this good?

Activision and developer Beenox of Shattered Dimensions fame showed off Spidey’s latest time-twisted adventure this weekend at WonderCon in San Francisco, and now we get a chance to see what we’ve missed. Looking at the trailer and the screens, it looks as if the game is looking to play around a bit with 2099 continuity. What if the Alchemax corporation wasn’t supposed to be in complete control of 2099 New York? What if that entire dark storyline was the result of some terrible event in the past?

It seems a bit sketchy, fiddling about with established continuity like that, but they do have Spider-Man 2099 co-creator Peter David handling writing duties, so I’m sure he won’t do anything foolish. Well, nothing too foolish, at least.

We’ll find out the full extent of his foolishness this fall, when Activision releases Spider-Man: Edge of Time.


  • Why all the hate for Shattered Dimensions? It was well written, had the novel approach of having 4 previous Spidey voice actors voice 1 of each dimension’s Spidey, changed up gameplay a bit between characters, made the actual progression through the main story fun (while I loved the free roaming aspect of the second and third movie-based games, they couldn’t seem to get this right at all) and reimagined some of Spidey’s rogues gallery in imaginative and interesting ways.

    While Spidey 2 (the movie version, not Enter Electro) is certainly my favourite Spidey game thus far, 3 was a mess, Ultimate Spider-Man was a poor man’s Spidey 2, the less said about Friend or Foe the better, and Web of Shadows was interesting but buggy and unfinished. Why hate on a game that managed to do something different quite successfully, while still keeping web swinging relevant, when the previous formula has been blatantly recycled (and poorly, I might add) for years?

  • Noir was easily my favourite part of SD. Even though it was still linear, coming up with the best paths through areas and the best takedown ordering made it feel a lot bigger than the other parts. Plus it was just dirty cool altogether

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