Seems Even Nintendo Is Using The Word "Cafe"

This image can be found on Nintendo's official, internal development support site. While it could mean anything - we're not developers, so don't know the insider lingo used - it is interesting that it uses the word "Cafe", which is heavily rumoured to be the codename of Nintendo's new console.

If you'd like to see the image as it actually appears on the site, at time of posting it was available at this link. The development site, while parked on an old URL for a Nintendo game, appears to be legitimate based on the currency of platform information listed on the site.

Like we said, it could mean anything. And even if it is related to Nintendo's new console, doesn't add too much to the rumour mill other than weight to a name that will be changed before the console hits the market.



    Nintendo 1080?;D
    Or the Super Duper Nintendo Entertainment System!

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