Team Bondi: ‘MotionScan Embodies The Future’

Team Bondi: ‘MotionScan Embodies The Future’

Creator of Heavy Rain, David Cage, claimed that L.A. Noire’s MotionScan technology was an artistic /”dead end”, but Team Bondi’s Brendan McNamara has struck back, in an interview with Develop, claiming that the technology will eventually be able to record all aspects of an actor’s performance simultaneously.

"MotionScan embodies the future on a few levels," claimed McNamara. "Firstly, when this technology can capture full body performances, the level of realism will be hard to differentiate between game, film and television. That will make the gameplay experience pretty seamless from exposition to action.

"Secondly, for film makers it will mean they can create whole scenes from capture data on the desktop the way they currently edit films. They will be able to adjust the action, move characters, change cameras and relight the scene until their heart's content. Overall, for filmmakers that's pretty exciting. And for games creators, it means we can compete with films and TV on a pure storytelling and performance level, along with leveraging all of the other interactive strengths that will pave the way for more exciting games."

It appears there's more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. We're just happy to see technology help bridge the gap in video game performances. From what we've seen so far, L.A. Noire features the most sophisticated performance capture tech we've seen, but there's still a disjoint between the physical performance and what is recorded using MotionScan. Hopefully future tech will eliminate that slight disjoint.

Team Bondi: L.A. Noire's tech will evolve to make games 'hard to differentiate' from film and television [GamesRadar]


  • There’s no doubt that the technology looks amazing.
    And future advances in it will make the graphical abilities in game to depict realistic humans will be fantastic.

    Nevertheless, the (to me) odd level of realism combined with the fact that MotionScan is still not perfect, makes the people in L.A. Noire freak the shit out of me.

    They just look weird to me, and for some reason, turns me off from the game, unfortunately.

    That’s just me though, so yeah.

    • I actually have to agree – The MS tech seems to do some weird things at times like seamlessly sew a persons mouth shut in between sentences.

      Having said that I’m willing to forgive provided the gameplay arising from the details MS provides is more than just a gimmick.

  • Can’t wait for this technology to make its way to the porn industry, will be the closest I get to having my way with Christina Ricci’s body…

  • It’s exactly the same as when we first started using 3D models for games. We started off with a basic idea, basic rendering and it evolved to what we have now. Give it time and this tech will look phenomenal.

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