The Blindingly Obvious Improvements We Want In Wii 2

The Blindingly Obvious Improvements We Want In Wii 2

A thinning Wii release list, a rumored impending price drop, and reports that Nintendo is about to reveal its next console all seemingly point to one thing: Nintendo is about to reveal its next console.

Game Informer says the successor to the Wii—Wii 2, Nintendo HD, Super Wii, GameCube 3, whatever you want to call it—will be revealed at E3 2011 and launched next year. IGN says we’ll hear official confirmation this month. We’ve heard it will be more powerful than an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

We’re also pretty sure of one other thing. We can expect Nintendo to surprise us with its follow-up to the wildly successful Wii. But even if we’re pleasantly surprised, we have a few wants and a few demands. Yes, we’re about to make demands of the company that has already sold more than 80 million Wiis over the past four and a half years.

So here are the blindingly obvious improvements we want from the Wii 2.

HD Visuals (Duh!) Graphics matter. And it sounds like Nintendo will at least match (or slightly exceed) the graphical capabilities of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But those consoles could be more than six years old or more by the time Nintendo’s next console arrives. We recognise Nintendo’s need to balance cost and performance. It likes proven, inexpensive technology and is in love with turning a profit. But we’d at least like our future Nintendo games to look as good (or better) as the GameCube and Wii software that runs on the impressive Dolphin emulator.

Get Epic Games on board so the abundance of Unreal Engine-powered content for PCs, PlayStation 3s and Xbox 360s will play nicely for dedicated Nintendo fans, too.

No Half-Baked Launch When we turn on Nintendo’s next home console, we don’t want to see a message telling us that “This feature will be enabled later through a system update” nor should we pine for that promised launch title that didn’t actually show up. No more Kid Icarus Uprising’s, please. Don’t force us to settle for the next Steel Diver or Pilotwings Resort. But don’t push back The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as some sort of launch consolation prize. Wii owners will be starved for interesting software over the next year as it is.

An Online Experience We Want To Experience We’re not just talking about better Super Smash Bros. online multiplayer connections, we’re talking the whole kit and caboodle, what Xbox Live, Steam and PlayStation Network have done to set our expectations. The 3DS’s singular Friend Code is a step in the right direction, but we expect more than just that. Unified voice chat, easy messaging, easy matchmaking (for those inevitable F-Zero online multiplayer races) and an even easier way to filter out the assholes and foul-mouthed pre-teens that insult us everywhere else. Make the successor to WiiConnect24 worth keeping our next Nintendo console powered on.

Oh, one more thing. Keep it free.

Better Interaction With The 3DS Our Nintendo 3DSs, with all of their fun wireless features like SpotPass and StreetPass, should communicate better with our Wii 2. We’d love to take our home console games for a StreetPass spin too, wirelessly transferring content to and fro, downloading 3DS demos and feeling like our Nintendo platforms played well together. If we could all tie our new-gen handhelds and consoles together, syncing our Friend Lists to minimize Friend Code input even further, well, that would be just dandy.

And how about a new Pac-Man Vs. please?

Built-in Storage (And Lots Of It) We’ve got terabytes of storage on our home PCs, tens and hundreds of gigabytes on our consoles, so let’s put storage concerns on the Wii 2 behind us. At least give us enough room to store a few GameCube and Wii games, since you’ll probably be offering those as downloadable software in the future… right, Nintendo?

Backwards Compatibility, Please We love that the Wii plays everything from NES games to GameCube games. Let’s keep that Virtual Console party going by continuing support for all those platforms. If you can find a way to pretty up those GameCube and Wii games like the aforementioned Dolphin emulator does, we promise to never use the phrase “collecting dust” ever again. We’re going to need a way to easily transfer our WiiWare and Virtual Console purchases too, lest we have another half-baked system launch on our hands.

A Controller That Suits Our Traditional And Motion Control Needs There’s little doubt that Nintendo will astound and/or initially bewilder us with the interface for the Wii’s successor. Whatever it is that Nintendo has up its sleeve for the Wii 2, we just hope it plays well with all the Wii games we already own and the games played on more established gamepads on our PlayStations and Xboxs.

Support For Game Patches Not that we really enjoy downloading patches or seeing incomplete games wind up on a game disc, but downloadable software updates are a way of life. Let developers easily and quickly update their games.

For The Love Of God, Rechargeable Controllers We’re done with AA batteries. Give me charging via USB or give me death. Or at least easily swappable battery packs. I don’t want to die.

What do you want to see from Nintendo’s next console? Let us know in the comments. Maybe start with “Great Games.”


  • Ability to keep old Virtual Console purchases as well as complete backwards compatibility.

    Oh! Imagine a console with slots for cartridges!! :O

  • I won’t be getting one. After all the wii’s success you would think the software library would reflect this, instead gamers not wanting to play casual trash have been left out in the cold. I wonder how many hours I have actually used the system compared to my beloved, daily used, xbox?

  • I’m sick of my piles of controllers, remotes, nunchucks, classic controllers, I have 9 controller ‘things’ in a pile for the Wii (10 once my Snes classic controller arrives) as well as gun shells and Wii Wheels and Motion Pluses.

    I want the Wii 2 Controller to basically be a Gamecube controller chopped in half to become 2 motion controllers (equivalent of remote and nunchuck), that can also connect together to be a regular controller.

    I’m not going to kid myself into believing Nintendo won’t make stupid mistakes. From the Gamecube onwards they’ve really just been a space to play Mario and Zelda games while the other consoles cover my other gaming needs and I’m betting this thing will be the case too.

  • Some form of media center support would be awesome. The wii based it’s system menu on “channels”, teasing us with the possibility of using it to control media content, which never eventuated.
    I currently use my Wii for watching movies via the homebrew app WiiMC, and not having a way to watch my own movies at least would actively prevent me from upgrading to the next console now.

  • All I really want from a Wii2 (I hope they don’t call it that :P) is a greater focus on “core” players, rather than the shovelware that the Wii has been blasted for.

    Oh, and HD graphic would be nice, too. lol

  • I don’t get it – doesn’t this just mean the same games get redone as they do with every Nintendo console?

    • Agreed!!!!!

      Nintendo needs new IPs.
      But regret Nintendo are not the only one playing that game: –
      Have we had Halo 4 or 5 now?
      What number Need for speed / MOH / GOW /COD / Tiger woods golf / GTA / are we up to now.

      I believe people need to start supporting the new IPs.

  • I’d give anything for this console to be a SNES or even N64 upgrade. Back in those days it wasn’t about #$%&ing waggle, fitness boards and basic graphics; it was about cool games that could actually appeal to everyone. Nintendo have lost that IMO, with Nintendo fans holding on to dreams of a new, non kiddy Zelda while grandma plays Wii Fit.

    Surely those older people can still buy those games without it affecting how the console plays for people who actually play and enjoy games.

    The decent graphics seem like a good step up. Please, for the love of God, no Wii Remote this time. Give us a controller. I want to sit there and play a game without having to wave my arms around. The gamepad will always be the best option for gamers games.

  • I want memory cards to come back.

    Screw having to lug a whole machine around to everyone’s place just to take your save files with you, I want to only have to carry the games and memory cards. Internal storage sucks.

  • Until proven wrong, I am going to say that this thing will suck and Nintendo will be a handheld only company in 10 years time.

  • Next gen nintendo will a be a 3D bonanza, HD graphics over HDMI with the ability to play anywhere, sort of like a sling-box, but for games.

  • I know, hell everyone knows, that Nintendo NEEDS some HD. I love the way Metroid Prime 3 and Super Mario Galaxy looked but they would be even more impressive in 1080p.

  • Dolphin style upscaling of Wii games would sell it for me. There are loads of Wii games with textures far better than what the Wii supports. It should be trivial to unlock “better” graphics if they’re using a similar architecture.

  • I doubt you’ll see free multiplayer.
    MS set the bar on that one, they made it marketable and acceptable (sort of)… Sony have been seen to be losing a bunch of money over that and it’s unlikely the PS4 will be free.

    I’d love backwards compatibility.

    I’d like them to make the ‘friend-codes’ into something like a ‘gamer-tag’ so it can be easily remembered. Support for achievements or tropies. Cloud saves, and persistant online personalities.

    I’m sure motion control will be included… but I’d like to see a normal controller.

    I’d love if it could run current multiplatform releases like a 360 or ps3.

    • Multiplatform games to me would be the biggest thing – and the reason I skipped out on Nintendo this gen. Even the Gamecube which did have a decent selection of Multiplat games – missed out on shooters and the GTA games.

      Since the N64 the only thing that had worked on a Nintendo console has been first party releases, I hope that they manage to break this trend next time around.

  • What I’m most interested in is what they intend to do with the controllers.

    Every hardware release by Nintendo has been highly tangental and revolutionary – Cordless motion controllers as standard? Two screens on a handheld? Built in 3D?!

    I hope for the sake of the industry they continue this trend with the Wiiii.

  • I wouldn’t want them to have achievements or trophies, it just cheapens the experience.

    “Oh hey, you got past the intro bit, have a trophy!”

    “You killed ten enemies, I am so proud of you”

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