We Might Be Getting "Free" Games On Xbox Live

According to a report on IGN, Microsoft will next year be making free to play titles available on Xbox Live. You know, the ones that like to take $US5-10 of your money a month in tiny chunks instead of $US60 all at once.

So think Lord of the Rings Online. Or Battlefield Heroes. Those kind of games. Not necessarily those games specifically, but those kind of games. The kind of games where you can download and start playing for free, but where you'll find you'll eventually need to start paying money on a semi-regular basis to remain competitive.

Since Microsoft already has its talons in your credit card details, the kind of constant microtransactions these games survive on shouldn't be too difficult for Xbox Live to handle.

Should be good for people who like to game on the cheap and for publishers like EA who have recently bet big on the model, but as someone who disdains this payment concept on a fundamental level, it'd be nice to see it on as few platforms as possible.

Rumor: Free-to-Play Games Coming to Xbox Live [IGN]


    How about some goddamn exclusives? AKA a reason not to jump ship next gen.

    Sony is looking awfully inviting...

    Count me out. I'd rather pay my $60USD for the complete game, playable over the entire lifetime of the game, than pay a few bucks a month for a game marketed as "free".

      $5 to $10 per month is pretty good considering most games are only played a couple of months.

    I like the micropayment system it allows you to control what you spend your money on, the free to play aspects also give you enough to figure out if you do want to invest in the game at all.

    I've been getting free games on PSN for a while now, problem?

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