While You Were Sleeping

Sleeping can be fun - necessary even. But what if stuff happens when you're sleeping - game stuff? What are you supposed to to do then? Thankfully we have a solution - While You Were Sleeping, a quick round up of all the news that happened… while you were sleeping.

The Geohot vs Sony saga has been a long, dragged out, completely ludicrous, mildly hilarious saga - but now it's over. Details are scant, but it seems like George Hotz and Sony have settled out of court after Hotz “consented to a permanent injunction” against the information he published.

Most publishers, I thought, were happy with this extended console generation, but apparently the CEO of Ubisoft isn't. He's looking for a new generation of consoles to kickstart the games industry and help launch new IP.

Portal 2's starlet looks different in this concept art, there are Space Invaders in Minecraft and Mass Effect's lead thinks an MMO makes perfect sense for the franchise.

In Short Portal 2's Starlet Certainly Looks Different In This Concept Art PlayStation Hacker Geohot Settles With SCEA You've Got Space Invaders In My Minecraft Surprise! A Mass Effect MMO Totally Makes Sense CEO Of Ubisoft Is Tired Of Our Current Consoles


    : )
    another day, another While You Were Sleeping adventure into the exotic jungles of far away places and dreams.
    not much to report at my end as it were and so forth.
    But speaking of dreams, i had a dream about falling asleep on the train . . . and then i woke up on the train!!!!
    How very much of all things absurd and of questionable disposition, so to speak.
    Dreaming about something, upon relfecton, i know to have happened in actuality and waking up to cold hard realisation at the end of all things upon that very actuality all up in my face, just flashing and racing past the window at conventional, standardised modern day train speed dictated by town planning, technology and the appropriate government legislation; or so i have come to suspect.
    also, newsflash, i had no idea The Viper Room was on Sunset Boulevard??? And not too far from Venice Beach as it were and will continue to be as i can only presume; there is possibility here for detour and distraction . . . and the like.
    it was a night of stark surpise and uncanny revelation i might yet convince you still . . . in a manner of speaking of course.
    i didn't just miss my stop last night, I woke up instead moments before what was to be, to my regret, the very end of the line.
    The vagabonds and usual suspects had left me and my travelling bag relatively untouched; they do so often recognise a fellow adventurer and something about honour amongst thieves and all that kind of malarky.
    Who knows something about anything in this crazy mixed up world of all things . . . Sunset Boulevard . . . The Viper Room . . . just . . . mixed up together in time and space, sometimes even in the same place . . . at the same time (etc and so forth and so on, ad nauseam ).
    i'm going to level with you, just tell it to you how it is - i'm tired and train sleeping is really no kind of sleeping at all.
    This kind of morning calls explicitly, immediately if you will, for a coffee, a cigarette and a quiet corner of the park.
    i like to sit in the park sometimes and just be all about the nothingness; that's important, that's really something . . . something for nothing, something for nothingness (and the chicks for free). That ain't working, that's the way you do it . . . etc and so on (as it goes . . . around and then some)

    I also heard there was cake for us too

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