Assassin’s Creed Revelations Closes Ezio Trilogy In November

Assassin’s Creed Revelations Closes Ezio Trilogy In November

After a week or so of vigorous teasing, Ubisoft finally lifts the curtain on Assassin’s Creed Revelations, the third and final chapter in the Ezio trilogy, coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC this November.

In Assassin’s Creed Revelations Ezio Auditore embarks on a journey of self-discovery and revelation in the footsteps of his legendary mentor, Altaïr. He’ll travel to Constantinople in the heart of the Ottoman Empire, where a gathering army of Templars is threatening to destabilise the region.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations also sees the return of online multiplayer, with new mode, new maps, and new characters.

“Delivering the final chapter of the Ezio trilogy is an important milestone in the Assassin’s Creed franchise for us and for our fans,” said Alexandre Amancio, Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal. “Assassin’s Creed Revelations includes lots of new features and some significant surprises. We can’t wait to show our fans what we have in store at E3 this year.”

For more on Assassin’s Creed Revelations pick up the June issue of Game Informer, available this month.

Update: Game Informer’s cover reveal story teases with more details, including a “newly customisable multiplayer game” and the fact that you’ll play as Desmond, Ezio and Altaïr as you progress through the story. It’s three assassins in one!


  • While I’m sure that innovation won’t be high on the agends, there’s no denying that I love this series. I even (sort of) enjoyed the PSP iteration which was plain to say the least.


  • A trilogy within a trilogy, huh.
    Don’t get me wrong, I do like the games, but you might be milking the yearly franchise a little too much, Ubisoft.

  • I don’t really understand the whole ‘milking’ argument. People are always complaining if they get a game each year but I think its fantastic. Perhaps its because I don’t buy that many games but as long as the quality is good, and I think a lot of people would agree brotherhood was a good game, I don’t see why they shouldn’t keep making them if they can sustain that level of quality.

    • ^^ Exactly. As long as the quality is there is could care less if the games come out every 6 months, yearly or whatever. Brotherhood was easily just as good, if not better then AC2 and if that consistency stays in revelations, i would be very happy.

    • I hope that the third game supports the multiplayer mode of the second game. I’m yet to play the second game, and there’s nothing worse than going to play multiplayer and having no one to play against because a new version is out. Little big planet had the right idea!!

    • The whole core argument behind milking franchises is the idea that instead of making a new game every year and have small refinements added to it, you could take an extra year and really bump up that quality. Milking a franchise is often associated with waning quality because before long, you feel like you’re playing the same game every single year.

      I think if you feel like you still enjoy playing these games and not feel like the franchise should have moved forward, then you must be, I imagine quite young, because I was like that as a kid. That, or you just don’t play a lot of games.

      It’s not that different from watching a film that obviously takes inspiration from other films. Take Avatar, for instance; lots of people hated Avatar because in their minds, they already seen the story of the ‘stranger in a strange land’, and has to get used to the natives to survive the ordeal. Lots of people hated that movie because of that single reason. It didn’t matter that it was an entirely different stage to say, Pocahontas, The Last Samurai, Dances With Wolves etc., people just get tired of the formula.

    • By that I mean Brotherhood/Revelations are to Assassin’s Creed what Abe’s Exoddus was to the Oddworld Quintology.
      … Nevermind me. Carry on.

      • A quintology that that only ever made to actual part 3…

        Don’t let THAT happen Ubisoft.

        I prefer the Halo style:

        Finish the trilogy and THEN you have the choice of:

        More “behind the scenes” Halo, or something completely different.

  • I’m happy to see them tie Ezio and Altair together actually – I remember when you first get your hidden blade from Leonardo Da Vinci and he explains that they had to chop off their middle finger to wear it.

    It finally dawned on me why Altair seemed to be missing a finger – I always took it as a graphical glitch, it also motivated me to go back and finish no. 1 before getting deeply into II which I did.

    I can understand if people are a bit over Ezio but there are upsides to this.

    The main one I can see it that Brotherhood will so cheap at the end of the year that by the time I’m finished II I can pick it up for a pittance!

  • This series is starting to remind me of FIFA. Yearly updates with new shirts, updated roster, a new stadium or two, and ever so subtle gameplay tweaks. They should call it EZIO 11.

    • Except that this is also continuing a story. I haven’t played a FIFA in 10 years but I doubt that they have stories now and never did.

  • The quality of Brotherhood was great and – equally importantly – the story was meaningful in terms of the broader saga. If you go straight from AC2 to AC3 you will be HELL CONFUSED.

    I am excited, and will be buying.

  • Disappointed…Meh I’ll wait for the bargain bin. I wanted an actual new game (my opinion) not reused assets; brotherhood was good but was becoming very stale setting/character wise.

  • Awesome news. I would have liked to have played as a new assassin in a new setting (but then again maybe we will in the course of the game.

    Everyone huffed that ACB was a .5 sequel (and I did too) then it came out and just completely blew me away, I didn’t find it stale or over familiar at all. There were so many new mechanics and new options, I absolutely loved it. If this game has half the new elements ACB did I’ll be super happy.

    Of course we real AC fans know that… SPOILER ALERT: Desmond is long dead and we’re actually playing as his yet to be revealed descendent using the animus and playing Desomond’s memories of using the animus.

  • Is AC3 being developed in tandem with these side-stories? I mean, Brotherhood was awesome, and I’m sure Revelations will be too, but I really hate to think that the true sequel to AC2 is being held up just so we can see more of Ezio

  • Wow another one? Yikes thats 3 in 3 years! And if AC3 launches next year, then 4!
    I really enjoy Kingdom Hearts…….er….i mean Assassins Creed, but damn give it some room to breathe!

  • NO. Get rid of that frustrating Italian. Do what you guys do best, and show me another place, and another time! Italy has been fun, but I’m seriously bored of it.

    • Bored of Italy? I thought the article said that Revelations is predominantly set in Constantinople/The Ottoman Empire.

      Ezio is a dude. The character building has been sensational. I love the dialog and interaction between Leonardo and Ezio.

      I’d rather play Ezio than the insipid, rigid American who is Desmond Miles. The very sound of him makes me want to stab myself in the ear with a fork.

  • “He’ll travel to Constantinople in the heart of the Ottoman Empire, where a gathering army of Templars is threatening to destabilise the region.”


    At least try and make the history vaguely realistic 🙁

    That aside, excited for this. Brotherhood was much, much better than I had expected, and I don’t mind a new game if it continues to innovate the gameplay.

  • While I think they are ‘milking’ the series, its for the better, because personally I don’t think they could fit the rest of Desmonds story into one more ac game (If it were to be AC3) with the current amount of gameplay with him as seen throughout the last three games. This is hopefully the last game before AC3 because if they released AC3 they really can’t release any expansion games afterwards it just wouldn’t work, so this way game leading up to AC3 is good. And besides Desmonds story is based in 2012, so the finally AC would make sense to come out then.

  • The reason that people, including me, complain about the rate of release is that it doesn’t give the development team enough time to actually innovate, and so they fall back on padding. The new mechanics in Brotherhood were neat, but it was an incredibly padded game. For example, the sequence in which Despond and Lucy travel through the Monteriggioni ruins was ridiculously repetitive, and all the Leonardo weapon-destruction missions are the same. Even the final mission has twice as much jumping and clambering as necessary, all to spin a thin plot out to the length of a full game.

    I suspect that Revelations will more of the same. Some new mechanics, an infinitesimal step forward in the story and padded missions. I’d love to be wrong, but I don’t expect to be.

  • I’ll be picking this up as I had a lot of fun with Brotherhood. That said though this is a bitter dissapointment for those of us expecting AC3.

  • So, does this mean it’s coming out on PC at the same time? No ridiculous half-year delay to “combat piracy”?

  • I hope the bring back more cities. The whole Rome only was an interesting idea but I prefer having several cities open to me.

  • If he was over 45 in the last game would that make him about 55 in this one? That would make him close to death from “old age”. I somehow think that this will be ignored though.

  • I’ve been calling Brotherhood “Assassin’s Creed 2.5” all this time, when i should have been calling it “Assassin’s Creed 2.33”.

    I’ll admit I’m disappointed with this announcement considering all of the 17th Century France speculation that was going on previously, but I’m still keen for a new Assassin’s Creed game, regardless of the setting.

  • Hey, i’m a great fan of everything about the ac series and i already love revelations. And about milking the franchise out, theyre not, the problem is that when they started with the first game, they didn’t realise how big the franchise would become, therfore they are now releasing all the games to get to the 2012 deadline. Did you guys know that a gigantic ubisoft team is already working on ac 3? Theyre gonna make it the best and most loved game which is just perfect!!!

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