Aussie 'Welcome Back' Package Detailed...

... And it's precisely the same as the European package - which is to be expected, and not exactly the worst news in the world! At least we don't have to pay more for it!

Just to confirm, in case you haven't seen our earlier European post, the package includes...

Two PS3 games from the following:

- LittleBigPlanet - Infamous - Wipeout HD/Fury - Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty - Dead Nation

PSP users will also be eligible to download two of the following PSP games:

- LittleBigPlanet PSP - ModNation PSP - Pursuit Force - Killzone Liberation

In addition, PSN users will be given 30 days membership for PlayStation Plus free, while existing members will be given 60 days free subscription. Music Unlimited user will be provided with 30 days free. Sony are also apparently working on a Welcome Back offer for home, with details incoming.

What do you guys think? Happy? Disgruntled? Seems like a decent package, despite the fact that I already own all of these games [sob] .

Apparently further details on how to redeem these games will be forthcoming when the PlayStation Store service is restored.


    Dead Nation and LBP for me.

    I could easily grab wipeout and rachet from that deal, not bad. Thanks for rewarding me for my patience :)

    Hm... what to choose

    So are these all games on demand thingies? Do we just DL them and we own them?

    Not being a playstation guy at all, I have not played ANY of these games... what should I do?

    I think I own a PSP also, so let me know what to do on both sides of things??? HELP!

      Infamous. Infamous. Infamous.

        Yes. Definitely this.

          Yes this, he who attended the Infamous 2 sneak peak without having played the first one! HERETIC!

          No seriously its fantastic game.

            I know. The highlight of that day was having one of the game developer dudes looking over my shoulder while in some epic boss battle saying "use the rockets, use the rocket!"... when i didnt, he said "well, you are doing pretty good on your own" and left..

            I then turned around and said to someone else "do you have rockets do you?"

            I seriously have no idea about this game.

            Another awesome moment was when he pointed out that in this game you can use both hands... I have been able to do that since I turned 1 so I assumed this to be the case.

            I will just say that there was plenty of smiles and nods!

            Thanks Adam, appreciate you bring this up!

            But my actual response to this...

            Is inFamous so much different from Prototype. I have finished that one and thought it was OK, just not sure that is my kind of thing? Why is this one so much better?

              Not to intentionally play Devil's Advocate, but I find Infamous to be the most overrated game in recent times.

              The environment felt lifeless, the enemies bland, characters and 'side-kick' exceptionally annoying, and repetitive.

              Although, it did have Just Cause 2's quick destructive fix if you're after that.

      I'm curious as to how this will work myself. Can Mr Serrels confirm how this is going to happen for us plz?

        Waiting on confirmation - I assumed it would just be free when the PS Store came back up, but called Sony and waiting on deets.

    I haven't read the fine print but are these 'free' games actually given to us outright? Or since we get 30 days of PS Plus, do we then lose these games at the end of our 30 day trial subscription like all the free games given to PS Plus users?

      Over on the US PS Blog, it says:

      "All PlayStation Network customers can select two PS3 games from the following list. The games will be available for 30 days shortly after PlayStation Store is restored and can be kept forever.

      * Dead Nation
      * inFAMOUS..."

      So I assume it's the same. The 2 full games we get are ours forever. If we get anything for free using the PS Plus, that's only valid for the time we have PS Plus. Anything we buy using a PS Plus discount will be ours forever.

        I see. Thanks.

        I'll take Wipeout and Dead Nation then.

    For anyone wondering, the games marked with an asterisk are unavailable in the German market and are replaced with Super Stardust HD, Hustle Kings for PS3 and Everybody's Golf 2 and Buzz Junior Jungle Party on PSP.

    I'll be collecting Infamous and Ratchet & Clank from this little deal. Considering I didn't lose anything from the hacking aside from a month where I couldn't play Demon's Souls, this works out rather well for me.

    Of course, I typed out that bit about the asterisks and it looks like that was already edited out.

      Or I might have been looking at the Gizmodo article about this which has the asterisks. I thought I had my morning coffee already...

      I had to check - then when I saw it wasn't related to us, figured might as well remove them.

    Only one of them I own is LBP! I'm thinking WipeoutHD will be a definite, but I'm not sure about the others. They all have potential!

    - I was hoping it would be the same as the US. LBP I have no interest in. I have Wipeout HD Fury, Dead Nation and Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty.

    I would've loved Super Stardust HD :(

    question? say if you have 2 psn id, will you able to get all those 4 games? 2 for each psn id? that will be awesome


    I don't own any of those PS3 games yet, what does everyone recommend? Maybe LittleBigPlanet and Ratchet and Clank?

      Infamous is actually surprisingly awesome.

        Ooooooh tough choice.

        I'll say LBP is a shoe-in though, since the only local-multiplayer game I have so far is Portal 2.

          LBP and Infamous!! Easy choice! They are both fantastic games.

          As for me, Dead Nation and Quest for Booty are the only ones I don't already own so I guess that makes it easy for me...

    Already got LBP and Wipeout from PS+, wish they would give us some more options. 2 games out of 3 isn't exactly choice

    Meh, 'jailbraking' the PS3, I get ALL those games for free.

      and you can't play ALL those games online now can you derp

        those games don't benefit from being online

          LBP does. You can play online with others and play all the user created levels for a seemingly endless experience!!

    I still think this seems like they're trying to shift more copies of Infamous 2 and, to a lesser extent, LBP2.

    But that might just be because I'm a cynical old man.

      My cynical first thought was they must have chosen the games that have already sold the most copies....

        They have pretty much said this. They looked at metacritic scores to decide which games to give it.

    To be honest, I'd have been happier with $20 of PSN store credit. But whinging aside, at least we didn't get the dirty nappy, nor the stick it was wrapped around.

    Now that I think about, it seems to people getting the least out of this deal is PS Plus subscribers. That's a bit rubbish.

    Well when I first heard about the package I was encouraged, now I see I once again gave Sony far too much credit again. 5 games that most people own or have atleast owned finished and traded, and one month access to a system you really need to stay subscribed to for it to be really beneficial. This has disheartened me more then the outage itself, not good enough Sony, there's no incentive for their most loyal users.

      Most loyal users? I would argue that those 'most loyal' users already pay for and therefore benefit from the PlayStation Plus service. Electing not to pay for a service and then whinging when they don't give you a free lifetime membership hardly makes you a "loyal user."

      Those already part of the Plus service are the loyal users who are getting screwed here, not you.

      Might I add, while the gesture Sony have made has it's flaws, they weren't obligated to do what they have done. Yes, they benefit from doing so but most of us were hankering to get back online anyway and would have returned without being bribed with free stuff and they know that.

        PIAT if your not happy with the freebies Sony are giving you just go to xbox live and enjoy all te freebies Microsoft gives you...

    I have previously owned LBP and wasn't fond of it and I already have WipeoutHD.

    I guess I'll get InFamous and Dead Nation as a priority. If they give us one game per account (since my wife has her own login of course), I guess we could get Ratchet & Clank (I liked Tools of Destruction but wound up trading that in, too)and have LBP just for the sake of having it since I traded it in awhile back.

    I have a PSP but I don't think I ever linked it with my PSN account, so I don't know if I can get the PSP games.

    I still cant get onto the playstation store without another maintenance message, but I can sign into the playstation network. Anyone else have this problem?

      Everyone does, the Store is not yet up. This first restoration was about getting everyone back online and allowing to play online games.

      The Store is going to be one of the last things to go back up, Sony have still announced they want everything back by the end of May.

    I already own these titles. PSN credits would have been way better. Not happy at all.

    Okay right just read the rest of the article lol never mind

    wait!!1 i have a psp!!! :D:D
    ... but i've already got 3 of the 4 games...

    Wipeout HD/Fury and Dead Nation for me because I own all the other PS3 games.

    I'll also grab LittleBigPlanet PSP and I don't know, Killzone? What games are the best out of that PSP list? (I don't have any of them)

    Just some info for everyone regarding R&C : Quest For Booty.

    The game is a bridging story between "Tools Of Destruction" and "A Crack In Time", so it's very short and if you haven't played either of the above, then it won't make much sense either.

    Infamous & LittleBigPlanet are probably the 2 best options for everyone.

    Failing that, my recommendation would then be WipEout and then Dead Nation

    Besides Wipeout, I don't have any of these, so I'm happy.
    Just not too sure which ones to get.

    I don't have a PSP, can I still download 2 of the PSP games? (You know, for my future PSP2)

      I'd like to know this as well please. I don't have a PSP, but if I download the games now can I save them on the off-chance I get a cheap PSP down the track? Or do they have to be loaded straight away? (Not sure how this works :P)

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