Booth Babe Costume Reborn As Cosplay Sexy

Out of all of Capcom's fan service characters, Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers is one of the most fan servicey. So is this cosplay.

At the recent Cosholic cosplay event, cosplayer Morichi (site NSFW) wasn't satisfied with merely doing a Morrigan cosplay. Instead, she did a "Morrigan Capcom Companion" cosplay, based on a series of figurines in which Capcom characters donned Tokyo Game Show booth babe outfits.

All that's missing are Morrigan's giant wings! More pics in the link below.

【コスプレ連続掲載003】モリガン 働くお姉さんVer. × もりち~ 【COSHOLIC 02】 []


    I hate the blue contact lenses.

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