Brink Devs Push Lag Fix, Promise Free DLC

Brink closes its chequered launch week with news of free DLC and promises it's fixing the crippling lag in its multiplayer.

With an update now live, Brink developer Splash Damage is introducing a configuration change for Xbox 360 users (which will also be available for the PS3 when PlayStation Network comes back) that limits Campaign matchmaking to eight human players (default is up to 16). The config change will also be available in most Freeplay modes.

Those who haven't had lag problems can find the 8 vs 8 setup in something called the "Big Teams" configuration in Freeplay, and also via custom settings in Private matches.

As a token of appreciation for those who've offered feedback on Brink and stuck by it through this first week, the game's first DLC extension will be free. Splash Damage says it's planned for a June release and will offer "additional maps and new content for players."

Brink: Updates Now Live & Free DLC [Bethesda Blog]


    I was playing last night and set it to pretty much fun anyone and so that anyone could find me.. I finished both campaigns and I only saw 2 real players...

    Man if only it wasn't so bad... :(

    the PC version needs gamepad support. it actually hurts my fingers to play on a keyboard.

      IF your keyboard hurts your fingers then maybe PC gaming isn't for you =\

        That's just stupid. Games, when capable, should offer multiple control methods.

          As long as one controller method doesn't gain superiority over the other I'm cool if console gamers use their dongs to control PC games...

        ...ok? Bit of a strange reply there.

        I disagree with this.

        Joystick support for PC have been around for years. As a PC gamer, I'm disappointed that there are still games out there that do not offer this flexibility.

        I have osteoarthritis, using a keyboard & mouse hurts. A lot.

        I was looking forward to Brink but devastated that it did not offer the use of a controller, especially since the game is on console and during testing they were using xbox controllers for the PC.

        There are multiple threads, on multiple forums across the web full of people who share my disappointment.

        To ask for gamepad support on a game and be told "maybe PC gaming isn't for you" is an outright ignorant statement.

    I've been enjoying this on the xbox for the last couple of days but like wooktree said I find it hard to find other human players. Usually only a couple in each match, but I guess that's what friends are for

    Also, only the FIRST dlc will be free. The rest will cost money, same goes for PC....can't wait to see how that goes down ey!

      If TF2 can get away with selling a single item that has no impact on gameplay whatsoever for $7.99 I'm sure there won't be a problem.

      Hell, Bethesda sold an outdated expansion (for a game that was outdated upon it's initial release) at the price of a brand new game.

    if this game didn't get such bad reviews they'd be charging 20 bucks for the dlc...

    Now, if can I actually host a 2P game with a friend, I'll be happy.

    Lets hope this fixes it, cause I want to play this game (haven't yet) but a lot people (including major website reviewers) keep saying it doesn't meet expectations on the console versions.

    The lag isn't bothering me as much as the ingame UI. They really need to redo it, it's just confusing as hell. I don't know whether it's a bug or not but in escort games, the position of the hostage just isn't shown, neither is the safe in safe-cracking games. It's really, really badly done and full of odd design choices, I dunno how they could ship the game in the state it's in.

      But otherwise... very fun game. Broken, but fun.

        You know that if you hit middle click for even a second it rectifies that right?

    I think people are being way too hard on this game. It's not really my cup of tea, but its not really as bad as people make out. And it being broken is basically normal on PC for a new release so I'd be fairly surprised if it was actually functional.

    You get into the game and see the shitty console FOV and mouse acceleration and all is pretty normal...

    As far as i can tell, the game is a cross between Team Fortress 2 and Mirrors Edge. I dig the gameplay and customisation, more maps will come, and last night I played online campaign mode (player v bots) with the settings - any difficulty - any level, and all my matches were full.

    Haven't played TF2 for some time now but Brink is fun. The price in Oz is still a bit heavy for what you get.

      Personally I think it is a Quake wars re-skin with terrain obstacles rendered mute via the SMART function

    Personally I find people to be too hard on this game, besides the lag issue which they are trying to fix, it's an outstanding game, and I love the SMART system. People need to just stop complaining about how different it is from CoD. GameInformer literally complained, in their review, how there is no one shot one kill weapons and grenades and mines aren't instant kills. Get some 1337 skillz GI lol. Anyways, free DLC sounds great, there is a bit low of a map count (only 8), but they haven't bored me yet. Can't wait!

    Ill be returning it at EB for L.A Noire :)

    Haven't even noticed any lag issues at all. Was playing online for most of the weekend.

    Still not sure if it will be a keeper though, specially with LA Noire due out so soon

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