Buy A Dreamcast That'll Fit In Your Hand

A slightly iffy Japanese site is taking preorders for a portable Dreamcast that may not look like much, but promises to do everything you'd expect from such a unit.

The all-on-one handheld has a screen, control surfaces and speakers, and plays retail Dreamcast games. They'll ship next month, but at $US470 each, only serious (or seriously wealthy) collectors need apply.

【受注生産品・前入金】とりあえず予約♪~携帯型ドリキャス本体[PachimonTV, via GameSetWatch]


    local 4 player?

    And it manages to be ergonomically similar to the original controller. I would not want to hold that thing for any extended periods of time...

    Looks like what these guys make into portables

    do we know how big the screen is, and if it's usb powerable?

    Yeah, there's a ton of videos of these 'portable' consoles on Youtube. None of them are ergonomic, but they do give a pretty good forearm workout..

    I can't imagine that being at all comfortable for any Virtual On action.

    That being said, I actually found the regular Dreamcast controller, original Xbox controller and surprisingly the Atari Jaguar controller comfortable...

      Im with you on this, i found the Dreamcast controller the most comfortable controller Ever, followed very closely by the original xbox controller.

        Only problem with the original Japanese DC controllers - the hinges on the L and R triggers were crap. Playing Virtual On basically destroyed them.

        Thank God they made them better in later releases.

    Very interesting. Where do the games go? Is this one of those ones where the drive's on the back. I seem to recall something like that before. I wonder how hard it was to cram the controller circuitry and Dreamcast necessities into this? :-)

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