Damn, House Of The Dead: Overkill’s Coming To PlayStation Move

Damn, House Of The Dead: Overkill’s Coming To PlayStation Move

One of the Wii’s better light gun-style games is coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Move in all of its gory, foul-mouthed glory. Sega’s The House of the Dead Overkill – Extended Cut arrives this October.

The Extended Cut in this remake’s title comes from the two new scenarios added to the Wii original. The higher-definition The House of the Dead Overkill also tosses in “trophies, new game modes and new content” for the PlayStation Move.

The House of the Dead Overkill – Extended Cut is on target for an October 25 release in the US, October 28 in Europe. Check out new screens and some logo-stuffed box art for the game in the gallery above.


  • thats great!
    i played this at a friends house on his wii and it looked like a piece of shit, but the game itself was fun enough!

    oh wait, that means i have to get playstation move… pass…

  • finally, I was almost tempted to buy a Wii again so I could play this, now just have to wait until Oct and get it on Move….and save for a second motion controller, and a second plastic gun thing to use it with.

  • Ugh…

    Am I the only one who say this article and went “Thats the best they can do?”

    First they copy motion after it becomes a cash cow, fail at casual. And the best they can do for a non casual game is a port from a console that people have been deriding as a non core console?

    Don’t get me wrong the game is completely awesome and I am liking the nice facelift + 2 new scenarios. That being said not exactly enough to convince me to buy Move (and for that matter buy a gun case for said Move =P You don’t play Light Gun games ala point and shoot.. u need that gun case or it just doesn’t feel right xD)

  • Got the move and started playing KillZone3 and MAG on it. Loving it. Even with the gun casing it rocks. Got The Shoot which is fun and Time Crisis which is OK. So will definitely get this.

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