Duke Nukem Forever 'First Access' Demo Appears Imminent

Some gamers may get their hands on the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever as early as next week, as reminders for the game's "First Access" program have been going out to Duke fans today, pointing to a possible next week release for the game's demo.

Gamers who pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever or purchased the Borderlands "Game of the Year Edition" will get first crack at the DNF demo. And some got an e-mail from developer Gearbox Software today, asking gamers for "the most accurate up to date information for your First Access profile".

Players were asked to confirm the preferred platform on which to play the Duke Nukem Forever demo via email by May 15, 2011, likely indicating that some of us will be playing the bawdy first-person shooter sometime next week.

Thanks for the tips, Duke fans!


    I was never emailed, and I bought Borderlands GOTY on Steam... did I have to register my First Access code somewhere?

      Nevermind, Google helped me find it... Never realised you actually had to register!

        I take it you didn't read the code sheet? 'cause it says visit the site to register... :P

      yeah on the first access website... you should still be able to do it...

        TIL you have to register for the First Access Club thingy. When was this announced?

    Same here except I preordered Duke Nukem at retail, do I still get First Access?

      I suppose we'll have to ring / drop in to our retailers to see if they have first access codes for us.

      I preordered DNF from Gamestop and the registration/access codes for the site was on my receipt.

    I still have my preorder from back in the day... do I get first access :D

    Hmm, don't have any interest in this game and haven't registered my First Access Pass yet. Does anyone want it? (If I can actually give it to you...not sure how I'd do that :D)

    Attempting to use the http://www.dukenukem.com/access/ link that Gearbox themselves posted as the right address to enter a First Access Club code only results in me getting redirected to the pre-order page.

    Is it too late?

      I was just able to use that link with the code I received with Borderlands GOTY from Steam.

      The confirmation email however, just sends me back to that same page.

    Didn't even realise that preordering gave me access!! Now I just need to figure out how to get it :P

      Ok I'm stumped. I preordered from EB, do I need to go instore and pick up the First Access Code thing? or is it on my receipt or something like that?

        I'd say you'd have to go in and pick it up, mine was in the borderlands goty case on a piece of paper.

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